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Neck Bands After Face Lift/neck Lift(?)

I had a SMAS face lift 5 weeks ago and I have scars on my tragus, behind my ears and under my chin. However I now have very visible strong banding in... READ MORE

Does Any Body Has Experince with Face Lift with Polydioxanon?

Im interested in doing it .,I have seen multiple videos of the procedure it it sound easy and logical .is their is any complication of the procedure fatma READ MORE

Face Lift & Chin Implant - 8 Weeks Post-op, Keloids & Complications (photos)

Had face lift & chin implant 8 weeks ago, had some compactions (implant needed to be repositioned, developed chin infection after that, have... READ MORE

No Subcataneous Fat Between Facial Skin and SMAS, Have any of You Seen this Before?

I recently had a facelift. When my Plastic Surgeon lifted the skin, he found no subcataneous fat layer between the skin and the muscle. NONE! In his... READ MORE

Will Facelift "Mistakes" Correct Themselves with More Time?

I had my facelift done 6/30/10 and my left earlobe has a crease in it. Behind my right ear, there is a "bunching" where the skin was sewn... READ MORE

Are There Facelift Issues or Challenges That Are More Specific to Lean Women?

I've been lean my whole life, but recently due to yoga and cutting out more of the bad stuff (sugar, wheat, caffeine, etc.) I'm becoming even leaner.... READ MORE

What are some Mid-facelift complications when done through mouth and temple?

I am concerned about nerve damage and unable to move my upper lip after surgery. What are the dangers involved with this procedure? Are Mid-face lifts... READ MORE

9 weeks post Facelift with complications. Is it possible to repair my hollow, lumpy cheeks without implants or fillers? (photos)

Too many complications to list - Please see my review & update for all details and photos. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated. My... READ MORE

I have tightness / tingling on corner of jaw, part of neck and ear after parotid surgery 8 months ago. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had a pleomorphic adenoma removed in Oct 2014. I had a complication of a fistula which drained both into my mouth and out from the incision behind... READ MORE

Hearing loss from facelift: I woke from facelift surgery to find I had lost about half of my hearing. What happened?

Several years later it is slightly better, but still bad enough that I have developed tinnitus and been told that I am on the borderline for needing a... READ MORE

Can you recommend me doing everything I need for the best results without complications? (Photo)

Having Modified facelift (Rhytidectomy)Dot Fractional CO2 Laser, Face & Neck,Dermal graft 2 Lips & Fat transfer 2 Face.Fat taken from abdomen 2 Face &... READ MORE

Can a midface lift/canthoplasty be reversed?

I had a midface lift with orbicularis plication, arcus marginalis release and bilateral canthoplasty done three months ago. I look completely... READ MORE

is this normal scarring following a face lift/neck lift? (photos)

I had a horrendous facelift/necklift which resulted in many complications following the surgery so I am beginning to wonder if I was in good hands. I... READ MORE

Puzzling post-facelift complication - can you help? (photo)

I had a facelift in early May. Several weeks later I developed the area shown in the photo, which is over a hard lump beneath the skin. I have been... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a mini Facelift, an S lift or a more complicated face lift? (photos)

45 y.o. male. i want to know if i would benefit from just a mini facelift, S lift or a more complicated face lift. I want to correct the initial cheek... READ MORE

Complications of facelift in men?

Just saw a vedio on YouTube of Surgerical face-lift.Skin near ear area was pulled and Extra was removed. It's fine for women but Men have... READ MORE

Exploding hematomas post-facelift. What is the cause?

I had a terrifying complication 9 days post full facelift after a gentle hour stroll - three huge hematomas formed under my forehead, violently... READ MORE

Should I rent a recliner and take cough medicine during recovery?

I am planning to have a facelift including there a danger of complications caused by the action of getting up from the the bed etc. if so... READ MORE

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