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Swollen / Puffy Cheeks & Lower Face After Forehead Lift, Midfacelift and Nose Job

I Just Look Weird,my Cheeks Are Puffed Up and the Lower Portion of my Face Swollen As! i used to have an oval shape face,now after a... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cheek Asymmetry After Mid-face Lift with Fat Grafting?

At 11-days post-surgery, I developed a hematoma on my right cheek. Due to the hematoma, my R cheek felt rigid. Massage has helped to soften the tissue... READ MORE

Is 7 Hours Under General Anesthesia Standard For Combination Procedures?

I am scheduled for a lower facelift, upper and lower blemph, fat grafting for the hollowness in my face and demanrasion around my mouth. I am starting... READ MORE

Which Should I do First, Facelift or Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

Which should be done first for a patient requiring 2 procedures, a facelift or fractional laser skin resurfacing? Thank you. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Facelift After Sculptra?

I had a Sculptra injection and am supposed to have 1 more in 6 weeks, the doctor's idea was to make my skin stronger so he can do a threadlift.... READ MORE

Will my Face Look Odd if I Don't Have a Face Lift when I Have Under Eye Surgery

I am 56 years of age, I have fairly good skin but it is just starting to jowl a bit by my jaws. I am thinking of having upper and lower eye bag... READ MORE

Can I Get a Facelift if I Already Have 3 or 4 Syringes of Juvederm in my Face?

Will I get good results or should I take a filler break for a year before a lift? READ MORE

Facelift After Fat Grafting?

I Had Fat Grafting 5 Weeks Ago. Now I Would Like Deep Plane Face Lift to Lift my Jowls & I am 52 years old & although I love the fat grafting... READ MORE

Facelift After Thermage and Fillers

After Using Thermage and Fillers,does Someone Need to Wait to Have a Face Lift? READ MORE

What Is The Risk Of a Facelift, Revision Rhinoplasty, and Laser Resurfacing at the Same Time?

I just turned 50 and am showing my age. Thinking of brow & neck lift (or full face lift), laser resurfacing, & revision rhinoplasty at the... READ MORE

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and midface lift? (Photo)

I am 34 and have EDS. What disturbs me more is the hollow under my eyes and the malar part's going downwards when i laugh..I also have a bit sinking... READ MORE

Three Liposuctions, Facelift, Thread Lift - All Resulting in Loose Skin and Non-uniformity

31 years, women. 3 liposuctions gave non-uniform loose skin especially around abdomen and face(cheeks). Underwent facelift as suggested by doctor for... READ MORE

Midface Lift Possible After Cheek Implants?

Can I have a subperiosteal midface lift in the future if I have existing silastic or porex submalar cheek implants in place? READ MORE

Can You Have a Mid-face (Check) Lift After a Traditional Face Lift or Are There Conflicting Issues?

Can You Have a Mid-face (Check) Lift After a Traditional Face Lift or Are There Conflicting Issues? READ MORE

Facelift After Restylane?

I had bad fat remover 5 month ago, my lower face is so hollow and sagging. I had 4 syringe restylane put in 3month ago 10 days later I had another 4... READ MORE

Facelift, necklift, both, chin implant, or fillers? (Photo)

I am 40 years old and had braces in my 30s to correct an overbite, which collapsed my face, creating deep nasolabial folds, marionnette lines, and a... READ MORE

Im Saving for a Full Face Lift, Eyes,neck,forehead Ect. I Am Shopping for a Great Surgeon Who is Not Over ly Expensive.

I do have a pain management doc helping me with a permanently injured back.I would be willing to travel for the right price and skill. I would love to... READ MORE

I am 55 and wanting to explore facelifts. Which procedure is the most effective?

I wish to explore different face lifts i wish to know which is most effective . i am considering a stem cell face lift , followed by ultheray to start... READ MORE

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