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Best Procedure for Firming Neck and Chin?

I'm about to turn 50. The skin on my face is relatively firm and in great condition for my age so I don't need a Facelift.However, my neck and chin... READ MORE

I have skin sagging around corners of my mouth & chin that makes me look old. What procedure is best to remove this? (photo)

I have skin sagging around the corners of my mouth and it makes me look old. what would be my best procedure to remove the sagging around my chin? READ MORE

Trampoline Neck Lift or Smart Lipo

Hi..... I am a 49 year old female who has slightly sagging skin just beneath the chin...a trampoline neck lift was suggested but after reading up on... READ MORE

Procedures to Improve Bottom Heavy Face?

I would like to have surgery to improve my jawline but I'm confused about my options. I assume I will need Liposuction, but what about the neck bands... READ MORE

Opinions on What is Happening to my Chin Scar - 2nd Surgery Post Op

Has first face lift with neck lift almost a year ago. Chin scar did not heal correctly, so 3 weeks ago, I had a revision of the chin scar. A week... READ MORE

Left Neck Swollen and Chin is Swollen Four Weeks After Face Lift Surgery? (photo)

I think I got hematoma on my neck which affects chin swelling. My doctor asks me to wait for another 2-3 weeks when I asked about it early this month.... READ MORE

Swelling Under Chin 5 Weeks Post Neck Sculpting and Mid Facelift?

5 wks ago I had neck sculpting and mid facelift. My incisions are in front of and behind my ears. I dont have an incision under my chin. There is some... READ MORE

I have jowls and I feel like my face is falling. Thoughts and opinions please? What should I do? (Photo)

I am 47 years old, and after taking some pictures I realized that I have jowls :( Here are some pictures, I have fullness under the chin too. Thank... READ MORE

Best Kind of Facelift for Mid-face Area?

What is the best kind of Facelift for the mid-face area? I'm thinking about getting a Mini Facelift. I'm 54, but I happily don't really look my age... READ MORE

Two Months After Surgery and Still Swollen, More So Under Right and Left Sides of Chin? (photo)

Face/neck lift. Although there is still some swelling in front of the ears, the circled areas in the pictures have gotten more swollen and there is... READ MORE

I'm 21 and hate my smile. I think I have excess fat on my chin, which causes unevenness and weird dimples. What will fix this?

I am thin but have always had a strange and uneven chin. One side is bigger than the other when I smile. I think it is either excess fat or skin over... READ MORE

Can a Lower Facelift Address Saggy Skin Around the Chin Area?

Can a lower facelift tighten sagging skin around the chin area, If you have a 'witches chin' from saggy skin and fat, can this be corrected or... READ MORE

12 days post op Chin Implant, Necklift, Facelift, I am having neck problem. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days postop for chin implant, necklift, facelift wearing the come/garment and I'm 7 days postop for co2. I didn't know I had to wear the... READ MORE

Dent under chin after face and neck lift. What are my options if it doesn't smooth out?

I am 3 mos. post FL and neck lift and have a big dent under my chin where the chin incision is. I hope time will help and I’ll wait another 3 mos. b... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Mini lift, Facelift or fillers? (photos)

Please advise whether I ready for facelift or might be able to address my issues with fillers. Can something be done for the Ptotic chin? READ MORE

Chin Swollen One Month After Facelift

One month post-op facelift and chin looks bad. Is it possible it is still swollen. I have not seen any changes in it in the past couple of weeks. I... READ MORE

Why is my face lift so uneven? (photos)

These photos were taken 14 months after my face/neck/lipo surgery. I am still very uneven under my chin with lumpiness and vertical lines. My jawline... READ MORE

10 months post op Facelift and Neck Lift. Do I have a "cobra neck" ? (photos)

I had a face and neck lift 10 months ago. My face has improved but the area under my chin looks strange. I feel like I have traded one problem for... READ MORE

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