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Endoscopic or Traditional Mid Face Lift for Cheek Lifting?

I am 30 years old. I have sagging cheeks (not too much), hollow eyes. I decided to have endoscopic Midfacelift. One of the dr said to me, endoscopic... READ MORE

How Are the Results of Threading Compared to a Regular Face Lift, Especially for Excessive Jowling?

Does face lift threading produce the same results as a traditional face lift? READ MORE

Cheeks Swelling After Mid-face Lift?

I had cheek implants 4 years and I have been happy with these. My eyes looked very hollow though and a fat transfer was performed 25 days ago to... READ MORE

Does a Facelift Also Include the Eyes and Neck?

I always assumed that a "facelift" meant the entire face,including the eyes, neck cheeks, jowls, etc. But reading these, I get the... READ MORE

Is the Position of Earlobes Changed After Face and Neck Lift?

I had a face & neck lift in August 2010. The position of my earlobes has changed. I cannot wear my earrings because my right ear peirce is further... READ MORE

Facelift or Fat Transfer for Lower Cheek Fat Loss?

I am 37 years old, and my problem area is my lower cheeks. Is it time for me to have a facelift or would fat grafting be enough? READ MORE

A Facelift at 36? Will Fillers Make My Face Sag? (photo)

I'm 36 and noticed some cheek sag earlier in the year so began facial exercises. I have since lost 10lbs and the sag is much more noticeable and... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce the Swelling on my Parotid Gland After Facelift?

I had a neck and lower face lift just over 2 weeks ago. It has been extremely painful and difficult to chew on my left side. Nearly all my swelling... READ MORE

Cheek Discoloration After Face Lift

I had a Face Lift 45 days ago. Where the plastic surgeon pulled the platysma on my cheeks, I now have about 1" of discoloration. It looks like a light... READ MORE

Sagging Skin Around my Eyes and Between Eyebrows?

I'm a 35 year old mom who is suffering from sagging skin under my eyes , uppercheecks, and between my eyebrows . It looks like a sagging eye mask. My... READ MORE

Are All Midface Lifts Done Endoscopically These Days?

Is it now common for the procedure to be done endoscopically? Are there any advantages to having mid facelift done NOT endoscopically (can you see... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cheek Asymmetry After Mid-face Lift with Fat Grafting?

At 11-days post-surgery, I developed a hematoma on my right cheek. Due to the hematoma, my R cheek felt rigid. Massage has helped to soften the tissue... READ MORE

Mid Face Lift to Address Cheek Issue?

At 33 years old, I am noticing some negative changes in my mid face, where I am starting to develop nasolabial folds. I'm not really sure if I should... READ MORE

Endotine Midface Lift: Preventative or Corrective Procedure?

I'm in my 20s but am already beginning to notice the signs of sagging in my face. Unfortunately, I was genetically saddled with a lot of fat in my... READ MORE

Why does face look different when I tie my hair up, in comparison to when I wear it down?

As part of my job role i had to up my hair in ponny tail on daily basis. I have been doing this for past 12 years and now i have noticed when i let my... READ MORE

Cheeks Tingling and Stretching Downward After Facelift?

I'm concerned about a weird tingling, slightly painful feeling I am having in my upper cheeks after Facelift. I see some slight bruising and the cheek... READ MORE

Too Young for Facelift and Cheek Implants?

I'm 20 years old and I'm unsatisfied with the way my mid-lower face appears. I think I'd benefit from getting a mid-face lift with cheek implants. Am... READ MORE

I Had the Endotine Mid Face Lift 6 Weeks Ago and my Left Cheek is Still Very Swollen, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your replies. I had the endotine mid face/cheek lift 6 weeks ago. The swelling on my right cheek went down... READ MORE

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