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Why has my cheekbone become bigger than before? How can I make it like before?

My cheekbone is absolutely wider than I was young. Can u give me any suggestion the reason why and how can I make like before? READ MORE

How is a Soof Lift Different from a Midface Lift?

I am looking for a minimal invasive procedure to lift my fat pads back up over my cheekbones after some descent that has given me more prominent n/l... READ MORE

Is 20 Too Young for a Facelift?

I am 20 years old and I think I need a facelift to enhance my cheekbones. I don't want to have fillers or implants because it looks really fake... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedure to Lift the Midface?

I am considering a midface lift and would like to know which is the best & longest lasting procedure. A midface lift with endotine or a Soof lift.... READ MORE

2 months post op, my left eye is swollen underneath on my cheekbone & my neck is still uneven & swollen. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a full face and neck lift and top and bottom of eyes done and a facial layering. After two months the left side of my face is badly scarred and... READ MORE

Midface Lift Effect on Eyes and Prominent Cheekbones

Will a subperiosteal mid facelift with orbital rim implants make my eyes look smaller? What effect will it have on my prominent cheekbones? READ MORE

Can you change the shape of a person's face, square jawline?

I,m 67 years old I want to get my upper and lower eyelids fixed, maybe a face lift. my jawline is square, I have high cheek bones,but under them is... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for facelift? Or would I benefit better from other options? (Photo)

I am interested in getting surgery to rejuvenate my face as I noticed a tired, deflated look especially around my cheek bones. When I pull the side of... READ MORE

Can Cheekbones Be Re-Positioned After a MACS Lift?

I had a macs lift a year and a half ago. I knew the surgeon was going to lift under the skin but i didn't know he would be re positioning the... READ MORE

What Type of Facelift Would Maximize Results? (photo)

Hi, I am 37 and my face has always been bottom heavy. I have very thick skin and my cheeks have the appearance of being pulled downward instead of up... READ MORE

What the differences between Mid Face Lift and Cheekbone Implants?

I was looking for a good dr to have such a sexy cheekbones like natalie portman or megan fox , help please i have a very flat cheekbones , and i'm 25... READ MORE

Is this still swelling? Higher cheekbones and wider face 2 months after Facelift.

I had a facelift to remove permanent filler, nothing else discussed except the removal of excess skin after filler and fibrosis are removed from nlf... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old. What is my best option for lifting/improving my face? (photos)

Noticed slight descent of face, jawline is no longer sharp as it used to be. Had filler in cheeks before (results have worn off) but am reluctant to... READ MORE

I had a facelift done 6 months ago and have irregularities on the left side of my face. What can I do? (photo)

It looks like malar bags under left eye dr. Said Its your cheek! Left cheek falling in under cheekbone. Dr. Did say he would do some filler around eye... READ MORE

What procedures do you recommend for me to have an overall better-looking face? (photos)

I want to have a face similiar to a model's face. High cheekbones, small defined cheeks, and a strong defined jawline/chin. Are there any non-surgical... READ MORE

My face has prominent disproportionate cheekbones. What would you propose for a facelift? (Photo)

My cheekbones have become disproportionate with age and now the upper part under my eyes stick out. READ MORE

Facelift in early thirties? (photos)

I have always had heavy, saggy lower cheeks. I do have nice high cheek bones but the whole shape of my face is ruined by the lower area. I am carrying... READ MORE

23 years old. Would a mid facelift a better option for me? (Photo)

I have hypoplastic cheek bones/sagging face. I was told implants would be best, but I did fillers to test the waters. I have had 5 syringes of perlane... READ MORE

I want to remove the screws (of Endotine) after 1 and a half years. Is it available and difficult?

Hello, I did the Endotine to lift my cheekbone in Seoul 1 and a half year ago, from then on, I have been getting a migraine. Also, I can feel the lump... READ MORE

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