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Can Damage or Compression of the Great Auricular Nerve Cause Tightness/Numbness Post Surgery?

Can compression or damage to the auricular nerve manifest itself several (7) months after a face lift and what are the symptoms? What can be done to... READ MORE

Can Internal Stitches Work Their Way out After a Face Lift?

I had a face and neck lift 8 weeks ago and have suddenly developed an angry red area immediately in front of the right ear. Can this be from a problem... READ MORE

Prominent Platysma Bands After Facelift and Lifting Weights, What's The Cause? What Can Be Done?

I had a facelift and necklift a year ago. (57 y female) I started lifting arm weights at the gym. After a month I noticed that my vertical platysma... READ MORE

Are These Perioral Mounds? (photo)

In the last year I have developed strange contours around my mouth, particually when I smile, are they perioral mounds? What can be done to improve... READ MORE

Are my Slanty Eyes After Midface Lift Permanent?

Hi, I had a midface lift two months ago and now I look like a cat. I am only 33 but wanted to correct the droopyness on one side of my face caused by... READ MORE

I Am Having Bilateral Swelling of my Glands (Parotids, I Believe) Almost 7 Wks Post Facelift (Included Lipo Under Chin & Jowls)?

I did not have prominent glands prior to this so it is not that they have merely been exposed & I can tell by touching the area that there is... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Injections on Frown Lines Migrated to Upper Eyelid

I had fat injections on frown lines 3 weeks ago during a full face lift. It seems to me that on my left upper eyelid I have a long gated bump just... READ MORE

Face/neck Lift (SMAS/platysmaplasty) Three Weeks Ago and Have Left Ear Numbness

Since a face/neck lift 3 weeks ago, the entire outside of my left ear is completely numb (there is slight sensation at the very top of the ear and... READ MORE

Post FL - face feeling "hard" or "stiff". What causes this?

What causes the "hardness" of face after a face lift? I've read this in several postings and am curious about this post surgical problem which goes... READ MORE

Deep Plane Facelift/Neck Lift Nerve Damage to Tongue/palate?

I had a deep plane facelift and neck lift 3 weeks ago and I've had persistent sensations on my tongue and/or palate. It feels like something is... READ MORE

Why do I have tiny pimples after face lift? (Photo)

I had face lift 3 weeks ago. 5 days ago i noticed tiny pimples starting from my scars and spreading further all over the face. I never got something... READ MORE

Ears look unnatural after facelift - can you explain why and can it be corrected? Is there a name for the disfigurement? (Photo)

I had a full (not mini) facelift almost 7 months ago, with incisions from in temple hairline, behind tragus and around the bottom of earlobe, behind... READ MORE

Irregular Semi Soft Ridge Above Left Side Jawline 7 Weeks Post Facelift?

The ridge above jaw extends to lower ear. I've had 6 lymphatic massages and continue to work on this.It does seem better in the morning or after... READ MORE

Could Health Problems Have Been Caused by Facelift Trauma?

A few years ago, my mom had a face/brow lift that caused bruising and swelling for months , and - about a week after surgery - her cheekbone implants... READ MORE

What is the very large long lump on my neck? (Photo)

I had face and neck lift 3 weeks ago . Face has healed well , but large long lump on neck !:-( , Dr says massage and time will heal this. Is this... READ MORE

Hearing loss from facelift: I woke from facelift surgery to find I had lost about half of my hearing. What happened?

Several years later it is slightly better, but still bad enough that I have developed tinnitus and been told that I am on the borderline for needing a... READ MORE

Facelift was bulging on the sides 1 year post-op. Why? (photo)

I had a beautiful facelift about 2 years ago. After 13 months it started bulging on the side and I wanted it "fixed". My surgeon insisted it was... READ MORE

Feeling like air/water is running down my face 1 year after facelift. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

One year ago i have had facelift. Since the last 3 months a couple times a day I have the feeling like there is running some water/air down my face.... READ MORE

Can a mid-face lift correct ectropion caused by too much skin removal during an upper and lower eyelid surgery?

I once had a facelift and eyelid surgery that left me with ectropion. I’ve had multiple surgeries to correct my ectropion without success. My e... READ MORE

Still clay like numbness on my face over 2 months after facelift. What's going on?

I keep reading that most people's numbness is mild and subsides in a few weeks. I've had no improvement at all. Dense, clay like numbness persists... READ MORE

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