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Two Weeks After Facelift Surgery, a Small Round, Bright Red, Pimple Like Bump Appeared Above my Eyebrow. What is It (photo)?

Two weeks after receiving a facelift, a small round, bright red, pimple like bump appeared above my right eyebrow. It seemed to have a small amount of... READ MORE

Wading Through Confusing Doctors' Opinions on Facelift

I am ready to make a decision on which surgeon to choose in Sacramento for Facelift. I'm not an extreme case. I'm 52. I've been examined by 5 drs to... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-op Facelift--left Side Doing Well--right Side Has Huge Lump Behind Right Ear. Will It Heal?

Behind ear lobe. Also neck is quite wrinkled and hard& still shows where the drainage tube was. Massaging has been done twice daily. Wrinkle in... READ MORE

Brow/forehead Lift Completed in December/now Have Bulging Muscle Upper Forehead?

I am 47 years old, female and had a facelift, lower lift, cheek lift and forehead lift. Everything really does look great for the most part. The... READ MORE

Should I be afraid to get a Facelift after this happened to my friend?? (photos)

My bff had a facelift last year & she got a hard like feeling on her right cheek&then it turned into a bump&she had an indent in her cheek. The dr.... READ MORE

Lower face and necklift 16 months ago..Please help. My neck, chin and face are a mess. (Photos)

Neck/lower face lift 16 mo ago. See pics. Also dents in my cheek w/facial movement and small bumps(pimple size). I have burning in that area at times.... READ MORE

Will the swelling/bump go down or do I need to take alternative action ? (photos)

Hi , I had a forehead remodeling with hairline advancement, personally i thought the incision was cut very jaggedly and left weird swollen patches.... READ MORE

What could be the growing hard round bump under my eye? It is not attached but feels like a hard bebe (Photo)

It has been two months since my facelift that included upper and lower lid surgery. I have a growing bump under one eye. It seems to be affecting the... READ MORE

18 months post of facelift and neck lift with a large bump on side of face & neck, can this be fixed? (Photos)

This is what my right side looks like 18 months post op neck and face lift. PS says I didn't notice before lift due to droopy skin. Spent almost $11K.... READ MORE

On the 4th day post op, I noticed a small bump on my right cheek which is where one end of the device was. Will it go away?

I had a facelift with a endotine ribbons to correct my jowls 12 days ago. On the 4th post op day of my facelift , i noticed a bump on my right cheek.... READ MORE

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