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6 Weeks Post Facelift: Right Side Palsy - What Can I Do?

43 Days After Mid face lift. Right Side Palsy, Can't Smile, Eye Won't Blink. Surgeons Said Should Recover..may Take Months. Getting... READ MORE

Droopy Eye After Mid Face Lift

Mid face plastic surgery 15 days ago. right eye does not blink & lower eye lid has started to droop, eye also tearing. Dr has me tape at night and... READ MORE

Lack of Mouth Movement, Unable to Blink or Pucker: All Results of Facelift?

26 days after mid face lift, I have a knot 1 inch in front of rt ear size of small marble.Upper mouth won't move, can't suck or pucker or say... READ MORE

Cannot Blink After Facelift

After face lift that i did 4 weeks ago my upper eye lid of the left eye donot blink what cause that and what to do thanks READ MORE

10 Months Post-op Facelift. Unable to Involuntarily Blink Right Eye.

This is a follow-up of my previous question here. video of right eye blinking.first 2 voluntary. last one involuntary READ MORE

Ten Months After Facelift Am Unable to Blink Involuntarily in Right Eye, What Would You Recommend?

Ten months after facelift right eye still unable to blink involuntarily.Am using drops and ointment at night since eye does not stay closed at night.... READ MORE

5 days post-op of Facelift, my right eye won't blink and right upper lip is lazy/immobile. Is this normal?

W/concentration, I can close right eye about 50% but no blinking mechanism. I believe I see "some" improvement in swelling this morning. I'm sooo... READ MORE

I have excessive blinking after full face lift. Is this normal?

I had a full face lift six months ago including eyes and brow lift. I am blinking excessively and as it gets worse I tend to make facial movements. My... READ MORE

Facelift and rhinoplasty 2 weeks post-op: Is this nerve damage and will it repair. (photo)

I had a deep plane facelift, lower lid surgery with fat repositioning and taking away some skin and rhinoplasty 13 days ago. I am having a problem... READ MORE

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