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Anesthesia Used During a Facelift?

My doctor said he could perform my facelift under local anesthetic and just give me some sedation. I am 42, would general anesthesia be safe for me? ... READ MORE

Anesthesia Alternative for Lidocaine in Facelift Procedure?

I had allergy testing with preservative free lidocaine to rule out methylparaben sensitivity. I developed red papules and itching at the injection... READ MORE

How Varied Are Facility and Anesthesia Fees in Plastic Surgery?

Do facility fees and anesthesia fees vary as much as surgeon fees? I understand that surgeon fees vary widely, based on locality and stature (or... READ MORE

IV Sedation and Local Anesthesia Safe Option for Facelift?

I realise that the purely medical risks are less than general anesthesia, but isn't sedation risky in terms of a possibility, however small, for the... READ MORE

Proper Interval Between Cosmetic Surgeries Under General Anesthesia?

The doctor I would like to use for my body procedure (Liposuction) and the facial plastic surgeon (Facelift) are different. How long should I... READ MORE

Local Anesthetic w/Oral Sedation - Safe for Upper Eyelid and Lower Facelift Surgery?

Am 55 with skin in very good condition. But have drooping upper lids and banding in neck. To have a lower face lift/platysmaplasty and upper eyelid... READ MORE

Normal wake up time post op?

I am a healthy 56 year old. In January I had a TT. I took a bit longer than average to wake up following surgery. Last week I had a breast lift with... READ MORE

Tumescent Anesthesia Face Lift?

I would like to know, does any plastic surgeon have experience with this procedure? Any opinions? READ MORE

Tips and Suggestions Before Facelift Procedure?

I am going to have a Facelift (cheek/neck) in a week with local and IV sedation and think I did did my homework. Can you please offer words of... READ MORE

Is There a Local Anesthetic for Lower Facelifts Besides Lidocaine?

I am allergic to lidocaine (without preservatives). Is there an effective alternative to lidocaine for facelift surgery. I don't want to have general... READ MORE

Facelift Scheduled in March. Is It Normal to Have Alot of Anxiety?I Have a Great Doctor....but the General Anesthesia Scares Me!

Facelift Scheduled in March. Is It Normal to Have Alot of Anxiety?I Have a Great Doctor....but the General Anesthesia Scares Me! READ MORE

Will Full Face Lift Require General Anesthesia Which May Displace Front Teeth Dental Work?

55 y/o F considering full face lift vs lifestyle lift...the lifestyle lift was a consideration because i worry about displacing/destroying fragile... READ MORE

I had a facelift in March. I was under anesthesia for 5 hours. 3 months later my hair started thinning. Will it grow back?

I don't have alot of hair to begin with Will it grow back to normal? I am taking viviscal and 10,000 mcg of biotin. It's very depressing also the... READ MORE

I had facelift with fat grafting and neck lift, was under anesthesia for 8 hours.

I had fast heart beat for three days and was dehydrated from throwing up do u think i was under to long and if so are there side effects in the future READ MORE

Which anesthesia has least potential for long term effects in facelift surgery? (photos)

After memory problems from general after hysterectomy this is my biggest concern. I'm planning facelift; no bleph or other procedures. READ MORE

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