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Facial Microcurrent: Do They Work Like a Facelift?

Also, how long after Juvederm injections (on my cheeks and nasolabial folds) do I have to wait before I can have a Microcurrent Facelift? READ MORE

Sagging Skin After Weight-loss at 21. Is a Facelift my Only Option? (photo)

I’m 21 and I’ve been overweight most of my life. I’ve recently dropped 55 lbs over the course of a year. (180, now 125 at... READ MORE

Face Bra or Face Lift Compression Garment?

Do you think that wearing a face-lift compression garment (or a face-bra as someone calls it) while you sleep can be beneficial to tighten up facial... READ MORE

Natural Facelift Options - Do They Work?

I was researching natural facelift options and keep seeing forums where women talk about fantastic products that do indeed lift and firm your face,... READ MORE

How Much is a Face Lift Compared to a Lifestyle Lift ?

What is the price range of a mini face lift procedure done by a certified/qualified medical plastic surgeon? READ MORE

Dog Ear After 10 Weeks of Neck and Face Lift?

I had a almost two inches scar under my chin. After 10 weeks is looking like" dog ear." My doctor says that he can fixed opening the incision again... READ MORE

Should I have a facelift, or am I too young? I'm 20 (Photo)

Im 20 yrs old and want my skin to be tighter. Should I have a facelift or am I too young for this procedure. Are there any alternatives like a... READ MORE

Alternative Options to Facelift for Patient with Heart Condition?

Since the consensus is that I shouldn't risk my heart's health with getting a Facelift, do I have any alternatives that would not compromise my health? READ MORE

Alternative Facelift Without Surgery

I live in the UK and two doctors specialise in facelifts using fillers/botox and laser. Is this a viable alternative to surgery as i had facial... READ MORE

What Procedure Accomplishes This Kind of Upward Diagonal Correction? (photo)

I have read extensively about the MFLs and FLs but doctors and I do not think I'd really benefit from the "standard" techniques. I'm... READ MORE

I just had a consultation with the RN who does the injections, She said only full facelift would help. Is this possible?

I am very down right now, due to the news I received at a PS consultation. I am 59 and I have had advanced aging due to stress/tragedies, the past few... READ MORE

Im Scheduled for a Facelift in June/July. What Else Would You Recommend For Facial Symmetry?

I'm scheduled for a facelift in June/July with some work on my Glabella as well but I'm uncertain if that will be enough to get the... READ MORE

Droopy Outer Brow, Black Under my Eyes and Am Looking for a Reasonable Suggestion? (photo)

I'm 41 and I've been to 2 cosmetic surgeons now and they are suggesting the $10,000 full facial fix and that I would look 10 years younger.... READ MORE

Turning 30 in March - hoping to turn back the clock what should I have done? Endoscopic facelift? (Photos)

Not sure if I should have mid face lift? I downloaded an app that simulates surgery.. it straightened my nose and made my jaw more defined. I'll post... READ MORE

25 & already needing a facelift. Would I need a full one or are their smaller procedures that can help such as botox? (Photos)

I am looking to get surgery for my face in the next few years. What would you recommend? I'm 25 years old. READ MORE

Would a face lift or dermal fillers help me with my problem? I want a tighter, smoother face and more symmetrical. (photos)

What should I get to tighten my face or make it smoother with less circles & droppiness? My lips are also asymmetrical...would a lip filler help?... READ MORE

Premature aging in 18 year old?

Would a face lift be safe for someone who has premature aging at 18? My face is sagging from insomnia and I don't know what to do because it's getting... READ MORE

Will the swelling/bump go down or do I need to take alternative action ? (photos)

Hi , I had a forehead remodeling with hairline advancement, personally i thought the incision was cut very jaggedly and left weird swollen patches.... READ MORE

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