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Anesthesia Alternative for Lidocaine in Facelift Procedure?

I had allergy testing with preservative free lidocaine to rule out methylparaben sensitivity. I developed red papules and itching at the injection... READ MORE

Downtime for Full Facelift?

I often read that it takes 10 days to recover from a face lift but I don't know if that includes upper and lower blephs plus browlift, which... READ MORE

Am I Having an Allergic Reaction to Long Term PDS and Permanent Sutures Used on my Face Lift Performed 10 Months Ago?

I have had ongoing issues along the areas where sutures were placed for my deep plane facelift. In addition to continued but lessoning swelling and... READ MORE

Is There a Local Anesthetic for Lower Facelifts Besides Lidocaine?

I am allergic to lidocaine (without preservatives). Is there an effective alternative to lidocaine for facelift surgery. I don't want to have general... READ MORE

Severe Allergy to Permanent Sutures on Face, Etc?

In 2006, I had a facelift. 2008, I started having MAJOR swelling, pain and migraines. My doctor didn't help then,won"t help now. I saw 7 doctors.They... READ MORE

How young is too young for a face lift?

I have drooping nasolabial folds. First, I tried fillers, juvederm, even though it looked great, I had it removed as I was allergic. Secondly, I tried... READ MORE

Facelift 3 months ago having really bad recovery no help from surgeon feel very alone

Facelift done 9 wk ago no peels. GP thought it was an allergy Ive had allergic reactions in the past, he put me on steroids which made the burning in... READ MORE

I just had a facelift. I am 49. What products do you recommend to keep my skin youthful and healthy ? I have allergy to retinol

I just had a facelift 2 weeks ago. I am still swelled and numb on the sides of my face. What product do you recommend to help the selling go down... READ MORE

Had lower face & neck lift. Stitches on front of ears are fine, but staples at back of my ears and neck sting and itch?

I was wondering if it may be anything to do with my Nickel allergy? I know that surgical staples are usually made from Titanium, but medical advice... READ MORE

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