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Can I Have a Facelift if I Am Fat?

I am a 50 year old female who is 5'7" 215 pounds. I have been about this weight for 20 years. I walk an hour a day, mostly vegan so my cholesterol is... READ MORE

Im 34 and Im Noticing Slight Sagging in my Cheeks and Developing Sagging Jowls?

I saw a plastic surgeon and she said my best option is a mini face lift with lipo suction my cheeks closer to my moth due to heaviness I'm 5.4 and 167... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for facelift, eyelid lift, or neck lift? (Photo)

I just turned 30. 5'5 110 lbs (just gained 10 lbs due to a partial hysterectomy from 10/27/15) Since my PH, I've been puffy, my body and face have... READ MORE

What to do about face? (photos)

I'm a hispanic female who is very lean- 5'5" 104 pounds. I'm an endurance athlete who has ran 2 marathons, numerous halves and am now training for a... READ MORE

Midface lift/lower bleph/forehead lift affect eye shape (surgery by Facial plastic surgeon fellow)

I'm concerned about the controversial midface lift. I want the nasal folds gone.. Cheeks slightly lifted. Very very conservative.. But now thinking... READ MORE

Which is better for slight jowling and slightly too much volume in lower face? Liposuction or small incision facelift?

Hi there, I am 42, weigh about 50kg, am 1.69 metres tall, and have very few wrinkles but have very slight jowling developing. I would like to get rid... READ MORE

Surgical or non-surgical, very confused: blephoraplasty, facelift, fraxel, injectables or a combination?(photos)

Female 9 stone Height 5 ft 5 45 years old Fit, healthy No previous procedures I have bags under my eyes, I also have some loose skin under my neck,... READ MORE

Is it necessary to get fat grafts during a facelift?

I have gone for consultations and the 3 surgeons stated that they always do fat grafts. I don't think I need it. My weight is 210 and has been for 35... READ MORE

Younger looking face. Could you give me tour recommendations and apx price? (photos)

I am looking to be able to look 5-10 years younger.  I am 32 155 pounds 5'4 I have 4 children and am done Biggest complaint is loose skin and... READ MORE

Tried fillers for sagging lower face; would liposuction or facelift be a more effective, long-term solution? (photos)

Hi ! I'm a 32-year old female, healthy lifestyle, about 132 lbs. and 5'4". I've been struggling with drooping in my lower face for the last 2 years;... READ MORE

Will I need another surgery after weight loss?

I lost weight to have my facelift in August 2012. AT 5'6" I was 150lbs. In just over a year I gained the weight back and more. Up to 199. Had gastric... READ MORE

I am 28 years old and I look 40. How do I start looking like my age? (photos)

I lost my father 8 months ago and the pain of his loss was unbearable for me I have cried everyday. I finally noticed the toll it took on my eyes... READ MORE

Facelift for a very young woman: is there a solution for my sagging jaw line? (Photos)

I'm 5ft4 tall and I weight about 130 pounds. My whole life I have had this problem with my jawline, it looks like it's sagging and I don't have the... READ MORE

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