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Non-surgical Removal of Scar Tissue?

I had a Macs face lift performed June 2010 and a second surgery performed July 2011 to tighten the neck area. (very happy with the results). I do have... READ MORE

Loose Skin Under Chin After Lower Lift (Photos)

Follow up to this question. It's been about 16 months since my lower, or what my doctor called, a subtle facelift because I didn't have a lot of... READ MORE

How Do I Revise my Face Lift Scar? (photo)

I had a face lift a year 1/2 ago. How do I revise the scar without surgery? I have a keloid at the bottom of my ear lobe. Broken capillaries. Is it... READ MORE

Unhappy With Face/Neck Lift w/ Upper Bleph. Doc Recommends a Laser Facelift? (photo)

Sixteen months after my facelift, neck lift and upper blephoplasty I am unhappy with the result. My doctor told me it was because of my skin type. He... READ MORE

Could the muscles have been pulled too tight in my face and neck as I have had pain and pulling for 18 months?

I also have pixie ears as result of the surgery. I feel as if the muscles under the skin have been pulled too tightly and that my pain is from that.... READ MORE

Frozen Eyebrow After Facelift 18 Mths Ago! What Can I Do?

I had a mini facelift 18mths ago & since then my right eyebrow is frozen!The incision is at the ear & after the hairline hidden in between my... READ MORE

Droopy Smile After Facelift, Puffiness Underneath Eyes and Numbness After 19months

I had a face/neck, upper lids/lower lids about 19months ago. I still have numbness on my right side, a little numbness on my left, and my neck; is... READ MORE

How can I improve my facelift scars? (Photo)

I had a facelilt a 18 monts ago. I am happy with the facelift but not very much with my scaras, I would like to improve them. Based in your eperience,... READ MORE

Bilateral Numbness After a Facelift?

I had a facelift 18 months ago and still have severe numbness from each ear and under my neck. I have not m,ade any progress in the last 6 months of... READ MORE

Full of Visible Scars and Long 'Wild' Cuts and Stitches on Both Ears! What Can I Do?

I had face lift surgery for double chin reduction in a famous hospital at trivandrum (india) before 16 was a night mare.face become... READ MORE

Neuroma, entrapped nerve, other?

I have sharp, burning pain on/near a scar (from face lift performed 1.5 years ago ) near the auricular nerve. There is no loss of feeling in my ear... READ MORE

How Can These Scars be Fixed after Facelift 18 Months Ago? (Photo)

After a facelift, I noticed there were pleats in the back of my ears. The doctor told me to wait until the scars matured. It's been over 18 months,... READ MORE

FUE 2500 transplant hair in Turkey, 17 months post. Will the crown grow?

I had a hair transplant in istanbul last year 2014. Fue 2500grafts. Its been 17months post opp and front has grown really well but crown hair is not.... READ MORE

It has been 18 months since my facelift and I am now thinking of how to improve my skin. How do I choose appropriate treatment?

My PS has suggested Dual Fraxel, one for fine lines and wrinkles, the other for sun damage and uneven skin tone. My Dermatologist is suggesting Photo... READ MORE

Does numbness and a rubbery-ear feeling 18 months after a Facelift indicate nerve damage?

I had a face lift about 18 months ago. On one side, there still seems to be some numbness along the outside of my face, my ear still feels a little... READ MORE

What can be done for persistent severe itching of the scalp 18 mos after having a facelift?

I fear there is severe nerve damage, I need some relief from the constant itching, but don't know where to turn. READ MORE

Had a Facelift 18 months ago and still very tight! When will the tightness subside?

I still feel muscle tighness on the sides of my face and under my jaw, its very uncomfortable even now. My P.S. Has nothing to say to me about this... READ MORE

Solutions for better cosmesis after Rhytidectomy 18 mths prior with"bulge" becoming apparent approx. 4 mths post surgery.(photo)

Have had 2 Kenalog injections & filler inferiorally. Last OV: The bruxinator muscle is hyper animating causing a fatty pad to become more prominent on... READ MORE

Facelift - a bulge/lump has appeared below the corner of my mouth. Will I need another facelift to correct this? (Photo)

Hi, I had a facelift in July 2013, my jowl on the left side seems to have dropped and a bulge/lump has appeared just below the corner of my mouth. My... READ MORE

Can I still have a facelift if I have no loose skin on my face only some sagging on one side of my jaw?

I have what looks like a combination of fat, some loose skin and possibly some scar tissue from a previous liposuction procedure. Now that 18 months... READ MORE

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