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I'm 22 yrs old and from middle eastern background. Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Bigger?

I'm a middle eastern background and I have normal sized eyes. However, I would like to have bigger and wider sized eyes, as well as get rid of my... READ MORE

I hate how close together my eyes are. Are they too close to one another?

I heard that eyes are suppose to be around 4cm or a eyelength apart from one another. Mine is not . I find my eyes are too close to one another and my... READ MORE

What can be done to lift outer corners of eyes?

My eyes or more narrow in the inner corner and wider at the outer corners and I'm wanting to know of a way that can lift the outer corners and... READ MORE

I Have Very Large Round Wide Feminine Eyes. Is There a Way to Give my Eyes a More Masculine Shape? (photo)

I'm a 30 year old male. I have eyes that look like they were taken from the world's cutest puppy. It seems to affect people's expectations of me, and... READ MORE

Excessive Width of Medial Canthus - Lagophthalmos - Ptosis - Dry Eyes

- Experiencing dry eyes from excessive width of medial canthus (both eyes). - Problem from ages 20-24; I do not know what caused it. - My oculoplastic... READ MORE

Will lateral canthoplasty help my eyes? (photos)

My eyes are very short and don't show much eye white. I said this before, but it is difficult for me to wear contact lenses/ circle lenses because of... READ MORE

Can a person with close set eyes achieve to look similar to someone who has wide set eyes through surgery?

Is it possible to resemble someone when they have wide set eyes and you have close set? I know I can't widen the space between my eyes but if I get... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a Canthoplasty?

I have such big, wide eyes and I want to get surgery on them to make them more almond shaped. Would you recommend it in my case? READ MORE

Is it possible that the eyes of a healthy person can become more close or wide set over time as the body grows into adulthood?

So I kinda noticed that my eyes seem more close together than when I look at Fotos from 5 to 10 years ago. (I am a 18 year old girl). In the Fotos my... READ MORE

Is there any way to make non-asian eyes larger (wider)? (photo)

I have very small eyes that aren't very wide. I want to know if there is any way to make the opening in ones eye larger. I'm more concerned about the... READ MORE

My eyelid on one eye is going up and it's making my eye open really wide, but why? (photos)

I know in one I have makeup on and a filter, which was about 9-10 months ago, but you can kind of filter that out of your mind and see the eyelids... READ MORE

Wide-set eyes help. What do I do? (Photo)

So im 23. I have wide set eyes. One and my eyebrows cheeks and eyes are different. What do I do? Plus I'm aging early with wrinkles and under eye circles. READ MORE

I want extensive procedures to improve my self-esteem. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a very round face, weak jaw and small eyes. My nostrils are wide. I have had people make negative remarks about my face and have been told my... READ MORE

What are the risk of lagophthalmos after muellerectomy?

About 4 years ago, my right eyelid began drooping and the left eye became wider, per Herring's law. An oculoplastic surgeon recommended muellerectomy.... READ MORE

I would like to know of a procedure that would make my eyes longer and wider and still look natural. (Photo)

Hi! I'm very insecure about my eyes. They seem a little too small for my face and throw off my features really badly especially when I take photos.... READ MORE

Can I make my eyes look bigger and wider? I'm an Arab with small Asian eyes (Photo)

Im an Arab from UAE, and i have small Asian eye!!! and i'm now 20 years old and I've brown skin and straight nose like my family but the eyes! What... READ MORE

What can be done to improve a bad wide scar after lower blepharoplasty?

Had lower blefaphoplasty done 6 months ago, the scar on my left eye is bad and wide. also Too much fat have been taken from this eye, was is the... READ MORE

Wide Set Eyes?

Hello! I just wonder if theres a procedure, not necessarily a surgery that can make ones eyes appear more wide-set. I've noticed that people who have... READ MORE

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