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Syringoma or Milia?

I have white bumps under my eyes and after a long research I have found out that it could either Milia or Syringoma. The problem is I have no idea... READ MORE

Too Much Skin Removed After Blepharoplasty

Too much skin was removed from my upper lid. I have white dots, a visible line, an extra skin fold. It looks like a web Is there a solution to my... READ MORE

Medial Epicanthoplasty Scar Is Still White and Raised 3 Months Post Op- Is This Normal? (photo)

I did medial epicanthoplasty on 6 oct 2011, it's nearly 3 months now, the scar has turned white, but it is still very obvious and hypertropic... READ MORE

White Raised Eyelash Line 9 Months After Upper Blepharoplasty

I had an upper bleph 9 months ago for ptosis repair. I am happy with the slight asymetry etc...I look better than I was. I have a thin white raised... READ MORE

Is having a cyst like lump normal to have after chalazion surgery?

After I had my chalazion surgery, I was left with a small lump on my top eyelid where my cyst had been. With closer inspection, if I pull back the... READ MORE

What is this white bump on my incision? (Photo)

I just had incisional double eyelid surgery three weeks ago and have been using silicone gel at night for the past one week. I recently noticed a... READ MORE

What is this little white ball at the corner of my eye? (photo)

Had this for several months and can't remove it myself. Is it a cyst of some sort? Would I need surgery? READ MORE

I have thin skin & wrinkles under my eyes, no bags. I also have white bumps in tear trough. What treatment would you recommend?

I have thin skin under my eyes, no bags. My wrinkles drag downwards from the middle of my eye to my mid cheek. Another issue is my tear trough area... READ MORE

What are these little bumps on my eyelid and how can I get more of them? (photo)

It looks like my eyes are losing fat, I am assuming these little bumps are fat. If you look closely it would appear that if I had more of them my eyes... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty: worried about the lower lid rounding. (Photo)

My doctor who is board certified plastic surgeon suggested the transcutenous below the last blepharoplasty! He says i need skin also removed! Im 39... READ MORE

I had a lower eyelid surgery and it is showing white. I used to have very nice eyes now they are very round. Any suggestion?

I had a lower eyelid surgery lower lid is showing white. I used to have very nice eyes now they are very round called an owl many times it effected me... READ MORE

Upper Bleph Scar Revision Recommended? (Photos)

I had an upper bleph done 08/2015. I am not satisfied with the scars, or the slack in the inner corners. My left eye has a white, slightly raised scar... READ MORE

I have rounded eyes and show too much whiteness upper eyelid. There no fullness my face look like skeleton. Any suggestion?

What type procedure do you recommend it and there are permitted procedure? How much do you cost me? READ MORE

Terrible eyelash line looks white and and very swollen lashes do not seem normal.

Will this heal it has not really changed in last 3 weeks ...surgery 7 weeks ago edema and dicoloration READ MORE

Under eye syringoma and dark circles treatment in London. (Photos)

Hello,I'm 36 and would like to improve my under eye area. I have white stubborn bumps that looks like syringoma and very deep eye bags. I had 6... READ MORE

White deposits in lower eyelid after an intralesional TA injection, will they go away?

Hi, I had an intralesional TA injection for chalazion in lower eyelid, a white subcutaneous deposits appeared immediately,its been a month now... READ MORE

I had a lower blepharoplasty 7 and a half months ago and still have blue swelling, could this be trapped blood?

During the procedure the Dr said there was a mistake and I would have a bruise. I bled profusely for a few days. there is a blue swelling. I think its... READ MORE

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