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Will I be able to drive in 3-4 days after a Blepharoplasty?

On my consult for a Blepharoplasty the Dr said I would be able to drive in 3 days. Looking at some of the pictures and reading the testimony's on here... READ MORE

Eyebrows dropped after eyelid, what can change within 6 months? (photos)

It has been 13 days after my eye lid surgery and my lids still show exposed. I lost the almond shape of my eyes, they look more round and hallow. I am... READ MORE

When can I start wearing makeup after blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery)?

I was wondering how long it would take for me to start wearing makeup after a full incision double eyelid surgery safely. READ MORE

How long does it take to see the final results of canthopexy?

How long does it usually take to see the final results of a canthopexy procedure? I've heard it's not uncommon for patients to feel like the angles... READ MORE

When can I shampoo hair after eyelid surgery?

It's been 2 weeks after i had upper eyeli surgery, can I shampoo my hair now? Thanks. READ MORE

How soon after surgery can I return to regular activities?

Hello, I'm a busy mother and wife, how soon after upper eyelid surgery am I able to return to regular chores like laundry, cooking, cleaning and... READ MORE

After lower & upper eyelid I have asymmetric eyes, chemosis in right eye & lower eye area is swollen. What should I do? (photo)

In 6th week post op I found out I have chemosis in right eye. I had right after surgery. Lower right corner is sagging and doesn't close. Is this an... READ MORE

Can I go to rollercoaster after my eye surgery, is been 3 weeks. Is safe or not? I have lower blepharoplasty. (photo)

I want to know it is to early to get on rollacoaster,i did my eye surgery 3 weeks ago Im a little concern about the air presure on rides,i want you... READ MORE

6 weeks after congenital ptosis surgery. Can there be any big change in several months? (photos)

I'm highly concerned that my eye shape will be the same as shown in the picture, or there will be so little change. Still I cannot close my eye fully... READ MORE

In what time can I expect final result of my ptosis repair? (photos)

I was operated 14 days ago , stiches were removed from the eyelid . And every day I woke up I look at the mirror and eyelid is still down, no progress... READ MORE

I am scheduled for upper eyelid surgery next week. How long before I can tweeze eyebrows?

How long till I can tweeze eyebrows? Also, was told 4 weeks till physical activity (like sex), seems a long time. Is this standard recommendations READ MORE

8 weeks post op lower and upper blepharoplasty, my right is not symmetrical. I have a lazy eye. Any suggestion? (photo)

My right eye still hurts and it looks lazy . can it be corrected and how long should I wait to do it? READ MORE

Is 12 days too long to leave stitches in after an upper eye lid surgery?

I had an upper eye lift on May 13 and my surgeon does not want to take the stitches out until 12 days later, at my first follow up appointment.... READ MORE

4 weeks post upper blepharoplasty. How soon can outer eyelid scar be revised?

4 weeks post upper blepharoplasty. Healing Omar except stitches came out early on weekend after 4 days on one outer eyelid. It looks like corner lower... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty. Is there any harm in waiting until later to add fat?

I have fairly significant bags and hollows. Consensus is that bleph with fat repositioning will take care of around 80% of my issue, but I will likely... READ MORE

7 days post Upper Blepharoplasty and a breast augmentation, how long can I expect for the swelling to go down?

I am 7 days post Upper Blepharoplasty and a breast augmentation, 36 years old and in great shape physically. Everything went great and my upper... READ MORE

How long after Lower Blepharoplasty can I fly?

I am planning to have a lower blepharoplasty, with a left brow tuck/tack for a lazy eye lid. How long after surgery will I be able to take a 4 hour... READ MORE

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