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3 Weeks Post Bleph Left Eye Has Mild Ptosis - Wait or Revise?

3 Weeks Post Bleph Left Eye Has Mild Ptosis Which I Had Before Bleph. Wait or Revise? Is it too early? I noticed ptosis at 1 to 2 weeks. I have... READ MORE

How Long to Wait After Upper Bleph to Apply Dermatix?

I had an upper bleph (anchor) 3 days ago and had my stitches removed today. How long should I wait to apply deramtix? Will this be beneficial for scar... READ MORE

Difficulty to look up after upper and lower blepharoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had upper and lower bleph with fat transfer on 1/7/15. I have one concern. When I look up I feel tightness around my eyes. I have no problems to... READ MORE

Is lagophthalmos after ptosis surgery (resulted with overcorrection) curable? Or are we condemned to that?

I had congenital ptosis surgery 2 months ago. Overcorrection settles down time by time. But! Lagophthalmos is the biggest problem. Maybe the reason is... READ MORE

Had lower bleph surgery 2 weeks ago and was worried about placement of incisions. Any suggestions?

Incisions have widened at outer corners of each eye, and area past the eye, about 3/4" on left and 1/2" on right. Worried how they will look when... READ MORE

2 months post ectropion repair. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, i had a ectropion surgery because my lower lid pulled away from position, it was only in the Corner. I had This surgery 2 months ago but my eye... READ MORE

I had ectropion repair, but it is still there the next day. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, in had a ectropion repair on both eyes, yesterday, but it seems like there are still ectropion on both eyes!! When i came home, one of my eyes was... READ MORE

The dissolving threads are coming out from inside stitch after blepharoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hello, I have made upper lids blepharoplasty.The inside stitch was done with dissolving threads and outside with non dissolving,which were removed... READ MORE

Is sewing the muscle connecting my upper eyelid possible? I want my eyelid not appear slant like now. (photos)

I have my epi, lateral canthoplasty and double eyelid done on 10/10, lowering outer eye corner on 5/12. The doctor wants me to wait for 6 months... READ MORE

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