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Can Droopy Eyelids Affect Vision?

Can excess skin on your eyelids have an effect on your vision? I am a 56 year old who is an avid reader and lately I can't read for long because my... READ MORE

Wearing Contact Lenses After Blepharoplasty

How long does it usually take for a patient to be able to wear contact lenses after upper and lower Blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Procedure to Repair Congenital Eye Ptosis for a Child?

My 2 year old daughter has a severe congenital ptosis in her left eye. She was operated when she was two weeks old because the lid was completly... READ MORE

3 Months Post Eyelid Surgery: Left with Bad Vision and Discoloration

I had a smas facelift,neck lift and lower lids done, middle of feb one lid is and lopsided hanging and the other one is rolled out and hanging... READ MORE

Drooping Left Eyelid Really Bothers Me and Wondering if It Can Hurt Vision if It Starts Covering the Pupil, Even So Slightly.

The last year, I have just noticed my left eye seemed to droop. I started getting really bad anxiety attacks and the doctors ruled out it being... READ MORE

Is 16 Too Young for Eyelid Surgery?

I am 16 years old and within the past month or so my left eyelid had dropped significantly lower then my right eyelid. It was not like this 3 months... READ MORE

Will the Changed Weight of Eyelids After Blepharoplasty Affect Vision?

I had blepharoplasty in September and they "touched it up" again in December. My vision has changed considerably so that I now need to wear... READ MORE

Why Has my Vision Deteriorated After Eyelid Surgery?

I had an incision at the top of each eyelid and the muscle was reattached to open the lid further. 6 months later my vision is awful. My optometrist... READ MORE

Post-op Upper Blepharoplasty - Will I Ever Be Able to Look Up Normally Again?

I am 40 yo. I had upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago and my eyelids don't quite follow my eyes when I look all the way up. As a... READ MORE

Can Wearing Safety Lenses Glasses Affect Your Long Term Eyesight?

I am very unhappy with the results of my upper bleph so I am hiding behind a nice pair of glasses, they are safety optical lenses. This breaks up the... READ MORE

One Eye Looks Smaller Than the Other After Ectropion Repair and I Have Impaired Vision when I Look to my Left? (photo)

In Feb 2012 I had an ectropion repair after top & lower eye surgery 6 months prior. My left eye wouldn't stay closed while I slept so was always... READ MORE

Help! What is the weird extra skin on the inner corner of my right eye? (Photo)

I have this extra skin on the inner corner of my right eye. It's always been there, as I get older its worse to the point where it obstructs my vision... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Completely Different Size, Shape, Vision? (photo)

My left eye is dramatically smaller than my right.(see picture) I was born with a tear in the pupil of my left eye which has limited its vision. In... READ MORE

Congenital Eyelid Ptosis Corrected to Extent That Vision is Not Affected?

Though congenital eyelid ptosis in a 2-year-old cannot be corrected 100%, is it possible to get it corrected to the extent that vision is not covered,... READ MORE

Surgery for my Asymmetric Eyes? (photo)

As you can see, my right eye is higher than my left along with the brow. I am pretty sure my dominant eye is actually my LEFT eye because I have great... READ MORE

If I had Congenital eyelid ptosis, wouldn't my Optometrist have diagnosed by now?

I posted a picture of my eyes on here and doctor said I may have congenital eyelid ptosis. If I did have that wouldn't it have been found bc I wear... READ MORE

Did Lower Eyelid Surgery Cause Vision Change and Dry Eyes?

Subciliary lower Eyelid to Remove Fat with Bilateral Orbicularis Plication and Lift. I'm a 45yrs old Male. The Doctor said i needed this to smooth... READ MORE

I have drooping eyelid. Should I see a doctor and if so which? (photos)

For the past few years I've been noticing a drooping left eyelid when I'm tired. I want to know if you see it. I do feel like it is affecting my... READ MORE

Poor Vision in Left Eye Dur To Amblyopia- Am I A Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

I have poor vision in my left eye due to amblyopia. i would love to get an upper eye lid lift but am so fearful of losing vision in my good eye. does... READ MORE

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