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Can you transform down turned eyes into upturned eyes?

My eyes any down and the corner of the upper eyelid droops down making the out corners of my eyes a bit lower than my inner corners and when I smile... READ MORE

Can I Change My Upward Eye Shape To A More Downturned Look?

I have eyes that tilt upwards and I want them to be more downturned. Can I fix this with surgery? I want this  READ MORE

Can I turn my downturn eyes to upturn eyes? (Photo)

My eyes look very sleepy and droopy and slope downwards. I feel there is a lot of fat in my eyelid. i find myself lifting my eyebrow to make it seem... READ MORE

Is it possible to make cat eyes (upturned) appear downturned? (Photo)

Most people's upper-outer lids naturally slant downwards from the middle. My eyes have grown "up and out" as I grew up, giving them a more cat-like... READ MORE

Surgery to get almond eyes? I want my downturned sleepy eyes to look upturned.

I have downturned sleepy eyes. Is there a surgery to make them look upturned? READ MORE

How drastically could blepharoplasty (or any other eye surgery) change your eye shape if you wanted to change it? (Photo)

I want to change my eye shape pretty drastically, but from what I've found, you can only do stuff like remove bags and excess fat. I don't want just... READ MORE

I have downturned eyes and I would like natural, upturned and narrower eyes?

I'm 18 (I know that's young to be thinking if cosmetic surgery but they make me look tired a sad all of the time) and I would like to make my eyes... READ MORE

Can you make your eyes more upturned/almond shaped, and if so what is the most effective, least risky method? (Photo)

My eyes are pretty average in size and shape. I've always liked how they look when I'm pulling my hair into a tight ponytail-more slanted and sort of... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to correct slightly droopy eyes? (Photo)

My eyes are fairly large and aren't terribly droopy, but they could use some work. The majority of the fat rests where the fold in the crease is, I'd... READ MORE

Will canthoplasty make my eyes more like this? (Photos)

I have round eyes and I want them to be more almond shaped and upturned like Megan Fox. What procedure can be done to achieve this. I know it's not... READ MORE

I'm afraid my new eyelid crease is going to turn out small once the healing process is done. Any suggestions? (photo)

This is my second time having double eyelid surgery because the first time the folding didn't look right after it was finished. I just had my second... READ MORE

Can you really upturn your eyes or there are limits?

Hi, I have big, slightly downturned round eyes I would really like to fix. My face is pretty and I am not a surgery fanatic but this always bothered... READ MORE

My eyes are upturned and very short for my face. Is there any means by which I can widen my eyes and have almond eyes? (photo)

I am 21. Have the double lid crease and no eye bags. I also want to know the pros and cons. And the type of plastic surgery I should opt for. Is there... READ MORE

What is my eye shape? (Photo)

Which of the following eye shapes would best describe my eyes: upturned, downturned, hooded, monolid, round, or almond? READ MORE

Can my round hollow eyes be made upturned and more almond? (photos)

My eye sockets look skinny and my brow bone sort of shows along the sides. My eyelids look aged/tired (I'm 23.) I like upturned / almond eyes and when... READ MORE

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