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Are My Contacts Uncomfortable Because Conjunctiva Are Too Tight After Surgery?

I'm a 54 year old female, 6 weeks post-op bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty. I wear extremely thin daily wear contacts that were absolutely... READ MORE

Why so many steri strips below my lower eyelid? (photos)

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery a few days ago. There seems to be a lot of steri-strips supporting my lower eyelids, which are really restrictive... READ MORE

Surgery Options for Continual Bilateral Watery Eyes

Acknowledging replys to my earlier question. It has been 12 months since last surgery. OP is reluctant for more-as all appears stable atm (L developed... READ MORE

Do I have a canthal tilt , cheekbone issue , flat look (young male) ? (photos)

Hi I was wondering about my eyes. Everyday I constantly hold my lower eye lid up like you see in some pictures. When I relax them they get big and... READ MORE

Upper eyelid has started to hang down. Any suggestions?

Dear Doctor, My mother is 58yrs of age and she did her Cataract Surgery about a year back. Last couple of months we noticed that her upper eye lid has... READ MORE

I have ptosis eyelids. Is there a chance it would be covered by insurance? (photos)

Ever since I was born, my left eyelid would never open as much as the right, and it's physically uncomfortable. I was wondering 1) if there is a... READ MORE

My eyelid doesn't tuck in when I open it. What are my options? (Photo)

When I open my eye it doesn't tuck in like my left eye. It gets stuck and is very uncomfortable. I believe it is because my right eye is a little bit... READ MORE

I have a couple of questions about upper blepharoplasty?

Hi, I was wondering if because i flinch, if general anesthesia is an option instead of the local anesthesia? I don't want to mess up the surgery and... READ MORE

Who is the best US Oculoplastic Surgeon who can fix eyes ruined by removing too much skin during blepharoplasty?(photo)

This has caused round eye, too much sclera show, no longer symmetric, uncomfortable, and ugly! I had corrective surgery 9 years ago that didn't help... READ MORE

Lower eyelid droop 3 weeks post quad blepharoplasty (Photos)

It's been 3 weeks since my quad blepharoplasty and my lower eyelids are drooping significantly and gape off the eyes if I lean forward at all. It's... READ MORE

Hello, my right eye feels horrible and looks very different to my left! (photos)

I have a major issue with my right eye in that the surrounding muscles (mainly between the eye and brow and from the eye to cheekbone) feel like there... READ MORE

Post blepharoplasty 1 and a half years ago and my right lower lid looks pulled and is uncomfortable. What can be done? (Photo)

I have not seen my surgeon for the yearly follow up and I am planning on making an appointment At 6 months I indicated I was concearned and he said I... READ MORE

I feel uncomfortable about how my eyes look! I sleep 8 hrs & drink lots of water. I look old! I'm 20. What can I do? (photo)

I have deep lines under my eyes that make me look so old! I have plenty of sleep, drink water all day and stay very active. I'm 20 years old and... READ MORE

Severe edema, (periorbital, and entire face) drainage, 4 days post upper and lower blepharoplasty. (photos)

It's Saturday, on call doc unconcerned (and possibly annoyed) but this edema seems excessive. I'm very uncomfortable, vision is obstructed, and I have... READ MORE

I've noticed droopiness in the left side of my face. What can I do to fix this? (photos)

I've noticed droopiness in the left side of my face. My left eye also seems to be lazy. Also, My left eye feels uncomfortable. I've seen stuff on here... READ MORE

What is this fluid in my eye after lower eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I had a septal reset lower eyelid 12 days ago. Ive had nothing but problems in one eye since. It swelled very quickly during surgery & my surgeon... READ MORE

I had a Rhinoplasty for my deviated septum, upper and lower Bleph and my cheeks lifted (recommended by surgeon) 13 days ago.

My worry is my eyes, I am a tattooist & my close vision is blurred. My eyes are tight & uncomfortable, & my eyelids are sore as if I have styes or... READ MORE

1 week post bilateral mullerectomy, my left eye is droopy. Any suggestions? (photos)

Before surgery I had permanent tired feeling ,I was uncomfortable reading & driving My left eye is droopy and feels gritty The right eye is less... READ MORE

What can I do about my right eye lid fold? (photos)

I can remember specifically when my righ right eye lid started folding differently on one eye. It's very uncomfortable. READ MORE

Firm, red swelling, discoloration and lumpiness under eye after lower blepharoplasty and fat transfer 16 days ago. (photos)

Why is this? The area seemed to be healing as expected for about the first week. Suddenly I started to see firm, red, inflamed lumps in the area under... READ MORE

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