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Curve or Straight Eyelid? Curious What Determines the Eyelid Above the middle of the Tarsal Plate? (photo)

Hi, I am curious what determines the eyelid above the middle of the tarsal plate to be curve like or straight and could i have the option of deciding... READ MORE

I Post These Photos and I Want to Know What Kind of Surgery He Did to His Eyes?

This man famous in middle east because he did surgeries to look a like famous singer called Nancy ajram in Lebanon he said in interview that he did a... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a SOOF Lift and a Temporal Lift?

I have developed drooping lateral eye lids, hollowing of cheeks, increased nasolabial folds and generally downwards appearance to my face following... READ MORE

Do I need a blepharoplasty. Eye lid hanging over my conjunctiva and look like I have aged with the excess skin/fat. (Photos)

What are the types of upper eye lid blepharoplasty and which leaves behind the least scares .thank you READ MORE

What eyelid surgery do I need? I've got horrible eyes and I'm only 20 (Photo)

I don't know if simple eyelid surgery will help me, can anyone explain everything I need to get nice normal eyes? Do I need implants as well for... READ MORE

What type of lower blepharoplasty procedure is best for me? (Photo)

I have had 4 consultations for a lower blepharoplasty procedure. My two favorite doctors were the occuloplastic surgeons. I like that they are eye... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery? (Photo)

Hey guys, I have a quick question which will hopefully get a thorough response. What type of eyelid surgery is meant for me? Thanks! READ MORE

Scars on the face after upper eye surgery. (photos)

Hi, I am 7 weeks post upper eyelid surgery and struggerling to deal with these long scars which I now have on my face which seem to be getting redder... READ MORE

Which type of lower blepharoplasty is right for me (Transconjunctival or Transcutaneous)? (Photo)

I will go to Prague for surgery on my lower eye bags in Prague but I'm still not sure which procedure to have. Some of the surgeons suggest that I... READ MORE

Did my double eyelid surgeon give me the wrong type of crease? (photos)

I asked for a tapered crease that is slightly more towards a parallel eyelid towards the end. However, it seems like my doctor gave me a parallel... READ MORE

My right eye seems lower: what type of surgery I would need to get it fixed. (photo)

I had fractured orbitals about 12 years ago and a head injury about 7 years ago which caused a soft spot on the right and and led to me sleeping on... READ MORE

What kind of eye surgery to make my eyes appear more open? (Photo)

I've had my hooded and "wrinkles" under my eyes for my whole life. Approximatively 2 years ago I started noticing my left eye getting droopier I... READ MORE

What type of surgery is needed to fix the inner crease of my eye? (photo)

My right eye in the picture has a much larger inner fold/crease than my other eye. How do I fix this? READ MORE

Why are my eyes so asymmetrical? Can it be corrected? (photos)

Hello! I'm a 22 yo female, unsatisfied with how different my eyes look. I'm wondering what types of procedures would make them look more symmetrical.... READ MORE

What type of eye surgery would be good for me to make it look bigger? (photos)

I have almond shaped asian eyes which becomes smaller when I smile. I have this notion that for a big face like mine, my eyes are too small and it... READ MORE

Ptosis eyelid surgery - incision method. (photo)

My eyes size are not the same as you can see in the picture and the doctor said I have to use incision method. The procedure for my surgery needa 2... READ MORE

Is there any type of cosmetic surgery to correct my asymmetrical eyes? (photo)

The past few years I've noticed that my eyes and eyebrows are very assymetrical by looking at photos. When I was much younger, there didn't seem to be... READ MORE

Different type of canthoplasty?

Hello doctors, I did a canthoplasty from a plastic surgeon 2 years ago for scleral show ,but without any results . Now I consult an Oculoplastic that... READ MORE

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