Twitch + Eyelid Surgery

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Asymmetrical eyes: My right eye is smaller than my left, seems to have gotten worse with time, what could be causing it? (photo)

I've been noticing in photos that my right eye seems to squint more than my right, which is especially noticeable when I smile. Recently, a family... READ MORE

Will I Jump with a Local Anthesthetic While Getting an Upper Eye Bleph?

I really want to get one one and my dr said he will do it just with local freezing, which is much safer than being put under and initally happy to... READ MORE

Twitching eyelid after blepharoplasty. Should I be worried?

I have twitching in one eyelid that started six weeks after blepharoplasty and has continued for two weeks. Is this something to be worried about? READ MORE

Corner of Upper Lid Inadvertantely Pulled Down into Stitch Crease After a Lower Blepharoplasty, It is Twitching and Pulling?

H , I am 3 months post op from lower bleph with many many complications, including corner of upper lid pulled down into stitch bundle in crease of... READ MORE

Do I have uneven eyelids? (photos)

I don't know if it's bc they twitch a lot or if it's bc I rub my eyes (they get itchy and watery). I know I sound crazy but I just noticed a few days... READ MORE

I had an upper and lower Bleth 4 weeks ago and developed a constant twitch under my left eye. (photo)

Is this normal, I also have some buckling to the upper kid in the nearest part of the eyelid next to my eye. The area above my eyelid and my eyebrow... READ MORE

Double Eye Lid Surgery and Ptosis Repair Done in Jan 2013 in Korea?

Ever since I had my surgery my left eye, the bottom eye lid has been twitching every day. lower lid is like contracting constantly. visited my eye doc... READ MORE

Fluctuating droopy/swollen eyelid. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have been having this issue randomly for the past 2yrs in which my left eyelid is either drooping or swelling, I can't tell which. Or, could be my... READ MORE

When to do skin grafting to cure over-excised skin after double eyelid surgery? Do I have to wait 6 months?

Can't sleep, blink fully, eyes are in constant pain of stinging sensations and vision deterioration (esp in class when I can't always be putting in... READ MORE

Eye twitching after blepharoplasty. One eyes still has numbness. Any suggestions?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I forgot to mention that the eye having the twitching still has numbness along the lash line. The other... READ MORE

My left eyelid seems to droop quiet a bit. What can cause this and what can I do to fix it? (photo)

It seems worsen when tired. I have noticed some nerve twitches here and there all over my body and wonder if it could be do to possible nerve damage.... READ MORE

How do I go about fixing my uneven eyes? (photos)

One of my eyes seems larger then the other. Almost like my left eyelid doesn't open as much as my right. My left eye recently starting twitching a lot... READ MORE

Droopy/uneven eyes (Photo)

I have stigmatism in my right eye. I am wondering what procedure if any could fix them so that they will appear more symmetrical. My left eye is... READ MORE

Can lower blepharoplasty be used to treat swelling where the eyelid meets the cheek? (Photo)

I have written a question about this same problem before. I've been looking at lower blepharoplasty to treat this problem but I don't know if that... READ MORE

Why are my eyes all weird all of sudden? Ptosis? (photos)

A few days ago, I noticed my L eyelid was looking very droopy. However the same eyebrow is higher? And the lower lid is twitching a bit. I do wear... READ MORE

Under eye twitching 5 weeks after lower bleph and fat injections.

My right eye has very slight twitching quite often within the last few weeks. I sometimes feel it, other times I don't feel a thing but I see it very... READ MORE

Can I undergo surgery while still having bells palsy after effects?

I'm planning to go under the knife for jaw bone reduction and eyelid/nose surgery with some kind of lifting since my brow and eyelids are droopy. I've... READ MORE

Can I do something about Scleral show? (photos)

I have had scleral show since at least the age of around 13-14. I am now 21. My eyelid closest to the wall was also very droopy, but it was fixed in... READ MORE

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