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Will Flying on a Plane Immediately After Eyelid Surgery Affect Healing?

I booked a flight for home immediately--about 2-3 hours after my eyelid surgery. I'm flying from Southern California (where my surgeon is) back home... READ MORE

Is Two Weeks After Blepharoplasty Too Soon to Travel?

I am 39 years old and am scheduled for an upper blepharoplsaty for vision concerns on May 4th. However, I already have plans for a vacation in Hawaii,... READ MORE

Traveling After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

I am due for upper & lower Blepharoplasty and I would like to know if I can take the train back as I live 3 hours from the hospital or would you... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait After Having Upper Eye Lid (Eye Lift) Surgery Before I Can Take a 10 Hour Road Trip?

I have upper eye lift surgery scheduled for November 14. I want to travel (by car) to visit my daughter for Thanksgiving. I would be heading to her... READ MORE

Will Recent High Altitude Travel Affect Recovery After Lower Bleph?

I will be spending 6 days at 9,500 ft above sea level 5 days before returning home and having a lower bleph at sea level. Will the affects of the high... READ MORE

Blethoplasty Question, my Surgeon Here in Indonesia Says He Only Does from the Outside As Less Chance of Infection? (photo)

The sugeon i have found here in Bali, indonesia. (german trained), only does external incisions for lower blethoplasty as he feels less chance of... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Lower Than Western Prices?

Where in the world would you have blepharoplasty for dark circles if you were seeking surgery at less than western prices? Where would you go, say in... READ MORE

Flying a Month After Blepharoplasty?

I have a second upper eyelid surgery for levator recession. My eyelid still retract after first surgery, in fact it is worse, I now can't... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery and a Nose Job?

I want to get ptosis surgery done with an eyelid surgeon professionally but within the 8 months I have , I am wondering , will an eyelid surgeon also... READ MORE

How long after Lower Blepharoplasty can I fly?

I am planning to have a lower blepharoplasty, with a left brow tuck/tack for a lazy eye lid. How long after surgery will I be able to take a 4 hour... READ MORE

Air Travel After Blepharoplasty / Face Lift?

I've had facelift and upper / lower blepharoplasty. I booked a holday flight (2.5 hrs) for 10 days after the op. but my nurse has said I should wait 4... READ MORE

What would you recommend for Blepharoplasty scar removal? (photos)

I have terrible scarring after a bad blepharoplasty and now I'm looking for a specialist in eyelid surgery, someone who is best suited to remove my... READ MORE

Fixing upper eye lid loose skin. Looks almost like a "double blink" when I close and open my eyes.

I'm 34, get Botox regularly,and have a lot of stretch to my skin in general. This wouldn't be too much of a concern, but for the loose skin on my top... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Orbital decompression? (Photos)

Hello I have protrude eyes that i really want to fix and i would like to know if im a good candidate for Orbitale decompression ? I don't have thyroid... READ MORE

Can you give me some advice on anchor blepharoplasty? (20y/o caucasian female)

I struggle to find information on anchor blepharoplasty on google, it seems to be very rare. Is there another name for it? Is it just Asian double... READ MORE

Can I please have advice on Eye Lid surgery for my 13 year old daughter who has Ptosis in one eye lid? (photos)

I am wanting to find information/advice and a great doctor to help my 13 year old daughter get her confidence back. She had an infection in her eye... READ MORE

My brows dropped! Can upper blepharoplasty cause this to happen? Will travel if need to revise. (Photos)

I had an upper bleph for some lateral extra baggage. I had good brow height before procedure and now the brow has significantly dropped. Also, eyes... READ MORE

I'm looking for the best, most qualified doctor for eyelid reconstruction, trauma-related specialist. Can you refer me? (Photos)

I've undergone a traumatic accident at a young age. A dog bite to the right upper eyelid, and have received plastic/reconstruction surgery immediately... READ MORE

Cant find any orbital decompression surgeons? (Photo)

Hi, I cant seem to find any oculoplastic surgeons in michigan that do orbital decompression surgery. As you can see in the pic my eye is protruding... READ MORE

Travelling after lower bleph. Can I use public transport?

I'm having a lower bleph done with a good surgeon. I've been told that it's ok to take the train home. ( 4 hour trip). The op is being done under... READ MORE

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