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Will Blepharoplasty Affect my Previous Lasik Surgery?

I just have my Lasik done in Jan 09, currently planning for the upper blepharoplasty in May 09? It is around 4 months interval. What are the risks... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Sagging After Zygomatic Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

5 weeks ago I underwent reconstructive surgery for repairing my zygoma (cheek) and blow-out orbital floor fracture. My surgeon used a... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Blepharoplasty After Juvederm Injection?

Can you have an upper Blepharoplasty done if you have undereye/eye contour filler, such as Juvederm in place? The filler is in the tear trough area... READ MORE

How long after a lower bleph should one wait before having filler under the eyes and tear trough?

I had an upper and lower bleth. it has been 17 weeks. My lower eyes are very hollowed now and mt tear troth on one eye is more pronounced. I was told... READ MORE

Double eyelid and lasik eye surgery.

Im in my 20s, short sighted with astigmatism since i was young and Im thinking of doing lasik in the beginning of 2015 but I also want to do double... READ MORE

Thermage After 'Double Eyelid Surgery'?

I had double eyelid surgery about a year ago so I have permanent sutures creating the folds. I'm considering Thermage to tighten the upper eyelids as... READ MORE

How long after ptosis surgery can you do eye exercises?

Dear doctors, I am going to have ptosis repair surgery in two weeks, i have a mild ptosis on left eye and a latent ptosis in the right one. I have... READ MORE

Surgery unsuccessful on one eye. Is revision on same suture line (to attach to levator muscle) safe and too soon? (Photo)

For upper bleph, my Ocuplastic Surgeon removed 3mm of skin then sutured. 2 days later, I was distraught as my left eye's suture was shallow and... READ MORE

How long after eyelid surgery I can have eyeliner tattoo?

I had eyelid surgery 3 months ago is it safe to have eyeliner tattoo? READ MORE

How Long After Blepharoplasty Can I Have Smartxide Dot Laser Treatment?

Hi on friday im having upper and lower eye lid surgery. i would also like smartxide laser after. is 2 weeks after surgery enough time to leave. im... READ MORE

When you have a blepharoplasty, do you typically have to have it revised or repeated several years down the line?

If so, how long is average time for revision and how many patients typically have to have this redone? Thanks! READ MORE

How soon can I have filler done after bleph surgery? (Photo)

I have upper and lower done 2 months ago and now have hollow eyes. It makes me looks strange and scary. I wear glasses all the time to cover my eyes.... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty issues + Restylane? (photos)

33-y old male. 2nd blepharoplasty,1st performed 2004. Had another upper and lower blepharoplasty 8 days ago. I have now significant bulges (do I have... READ MORE

Which surgery should I do first, eye lids or facelift?

I am planning to do either lower and upper eye lids surgeries or a facelift this year. I can only afford to do one procedure this year and one in a... READ MORE

How soon after an upper and lower blepheroplasty can I start a series of 3 micro-needling sessions on the face?

Hi, I had an upper and lower blepheroplasty performed on 4/2/15. The results are great, but I am getting married in September and I was hoping to fit... READ MORE

When to do skin grafting to cure over-excised skin after double eyelid surgery? Do I have to wait 6 months?

Can't sleep, blink fully, eyes are in constant pain of stinging sensations and vision deterioration (esp in class when I can't always be putting in... READ MORE

How long should I wait after lower eyelid lift before filler can be added?

Even though I do not think the fat from under my eyes should have been removed at all, I can't help but wonder, does one need to wait a certain amount... READ MORE

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