Thin + Eyelid Surgery

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What Can I Do to Get Weight Gain Under Eyes?

I have very dark circles with extreme thinning under my eyes and have gained 35 lbs. in last 3 months but there is no change anything besides surgery... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Skin Thin and Sensitive After Blepharoplasty

I had Fraxel treatments: twice on full face and 5 times around eyes, then decided to have Trans-Blepharoplasty surgery with CO2 laser at 39 years old.... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty to Tighten Fragile Cheeks Skin?

I'm 26 and when I was a teenager I was stricken by an aggressive rash that covered my entire body. After many diagnoses, the only thing that helped... READ MORE

How Would Blepharoplasty Affect Thin Face?

I had my upper & lower eyelids done 9 yrs. ago. I am now looking at neck and facial surgery at the age of 61. I feel that a brow lift would... READ MORE

Could I somehow get my eye shape more tilted upwards? Eyelid surgery? Facelift / skin tightening? (photos)

As you see below, one of the pictures is me relaxing my eyes. They droop real low. The other picture is me pulling them up (which I usually try to do... READ MORE

I have notice in every picture I take, my right side of my face looks droopy. (photos)

My husband calls it stroke face. I know that my right eyebrow is thinner, but the eye itself looks to be more hooded and smaller than my left eye. Is... READ MORE

Transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty risks for 50 year old woman given facial structure? (photos)

I met with a facial plastic surgeon who recommends a transcutaneous lower bleph. Would you suggest this approach given my facial structure? When not... READ MORE

My eye is so much thinner than the other(tissue around the eye). The eyelid space is smaller makes eye look elongated than other

Only with sleep that is longer than 7 hours that fixes this problem That is not healthy i tried applying moisturizers but it doesnt fix it. Only long... READ MORE

Can I benefit from an Eyelid surgery? (photos)

Hello, I am an 18 year old female. My eyes are naturally hooded and very thin. I as well find that my eyes are droopy. I was wondering if there was... READ MORE

Is it possible for my eyelids too be too thin for surgery?

Is it possible for my eyelids too be too thin for surgery?anytime I touch my thin eyelids with anything It touches by would a surgical... READ MORE

I have puffy upper eyelids and thin lower eyelids. How can I make my upper eyelids thin and attached to the bone and eye ball?

I'm a 28 years old male and I have always had puffy upper eyelids. It is worst when I wake up and it gets less puffy during the day, also I notice... READ MORE

Why are my eyelids SO asymmetrical? (photos)

Recently, I've been noticing that when people fotograph me my eyes look quite assymetric. It really bothers me. It's the area of the eyelids. The... READ MORE

Upper eye hollows: Do I get fillers, fat graft, or upper blepharoplasty for hollows between eyes and eyebrows? (photos)

I am thin. Area between eyelid and brows became hollow, and the roof of the eyeball is getting obvious. What is best way to deal with this? I prefer... READ MORE

Upper eyelid surgery still don't look right. (photos)

I am 9 weeks post op upper eye lid surgery my eye lids are still a pinkish color and I think the results are horrable I look much older and my farhead... READ MORE

What can I do to keep my eye area including upper eyelids looking youthful?

I know that the upper eyelid skin is some of the thinnest on the body, and sensitive to creams such as retinols,bBut this is the skin that needs the... READ MORE

My left eye is blank stared and appeared a little thinner than the right eye. (photos)

It was never like that when i was still in middle high school back then. I can assure you it started to look like that since i use facial cleaning... READ MORE

Can you project what my new appearance will be like? Thank you. (photos)

I would be much obliged if you could give me advice about how I could enhance my facial appearance. At present I am almost sure I will be having lower... READ MORE

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