Thickness + Eyelid Surgery

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3 months post op Chalazion surgery, I have drooping, inflamed eyelids. Is there any chance it can get better?

Hi I have had a very big chalazion that took up half off my left eye. I had surgery to remove it. It was gone after two weeks but then I had a... READ MORE

Very Worried About Webbing at Inner Corners of Eyes and Very Thick Scar 2 Weeks Post Upper Blepharoplasty? (photo)

Hi I still have webbing of the skin at the inner corners of eyes 17 days after upper blepharoplasty! Is this normal? I have rang the hospital where i... READ MORE

What Can You Do to Reduce the Thickness and Puffiness of Asian Eyelids?

Is muscle removed? If so, will it have a negative impact on the eyelid's function? READ MORE

I Have a Triple Eyelid. Is There Anyway to Fuse All the Folds Together?

My eyelids have more than 3 folds. I like the thickness of it, but sometimes the top layer folds onto the bottom layer, creating a single eyelid. I... READ MORE

Is there any way to lessen the thickness of my lower eye lid without surgery? (photos)

I am aware of the black under my eye being from tiredness but as far as I can tell I have always had a very thick lower eyelid. It is most obvious... READ MORE

1 month post op Blepharoplasty, I have scarring. Is this normal? (photos)

I noticed in weeks 3 and 4 post op that the skin on my inner upper lid towards my nose was becoming much tighter and thicker. When I look up the skin... READ MORE

Is this silent sinus syndrome or do I just have droopy eyelids? (photos)

One of my eyelids is ''thicker'' and also it appears to be more deep set than the other one. i never noticed it until recently whilst looking through... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op from Upper Blepharoplasty and One Eye Scar Feels Thicker is This Normal?

I had upper blepharoplasty 10 days ago with stiches being removed 7 days post op. Right eye scar feels thicker than left and left eye doesn't close... READ MORE

15 days post op, I have scars on the sides of my eyes after upper blepharoplasty. What I can do? (photos)

I have done upper bepharoplasty 15 days ago. I had eyeliner permanent make up but the tip was so thick and high and I wanted to fix this, doctor told... READ MORE

Deep set eyes. Should I get an upper eyelid surgery, or temporal brow lift? (photo)

I have deep set eyes, and have had a fatty/thick upper eyelid all of my life. Not sure if an upper eyelid surgery alone is the right option. Will it... READ MORE

Change in Left Eye? (photo)

A month ago my eyes changed. They began to feel strained when focusing & as if they were crossing. I noticed that my left eye was a bit higher and... READ MORE

Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

Can one upper eyelid under the brow feel thicker in fat and tissue than the other? or should they both be symmetrical? READ MORE

Bruised Mark After Upper Eyelid LIft-3 Questions?

I had ONLY an UPPER eyelid lift about 3 months ago I have a bruise/mark that is greyish in color that I never had prior to surgery. I haven't been in... READ MORE

1 months post op, I still feel my left eyelid is thicker than the right. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had blephopasty (upper and lower lids ) in August 2013 including a revision of my left eye in August 2014 as this appeared larger. Both were done at... READ MORE

Question for an Oculoplastic Surgeon. Had an upper eyelid full thickness resection 4 months ago.

Had an upper eyelid full thickness resection 4 months ago. I have a dissolvable suture that hasn't dissolved yet and my upper eyelid skin is very... READ MORE

Can blepharospasty help me? (Thick eyelids) (photos)

My eyelids have always been thick and droopy, it makes me look tired. I am wondering if any type of surgery can help my eyes look more lively. I'm... READ MORE

Best option for unsymmetrical and thick lower eyelids? (photos)

I have thick under eyelids which is particularly noticeable in my left eye, making my whole face look unsymmetrical. What is the best option to solve... READ MORE

Myasthenia gravis? Eyelid Cancer? Ptosis? Stye? Help! Please! (photos)

Ive noticed a gradual now abrupt change in my left eye (right in pics). The eyelick looks thicker and more pigmentated. Swollen lookin tho it doesnt... READ MORE

Thick Under Muscle After Bleph?

After blepharoplasty, right underneath the eye It looks as though I'm squinting. The same muscle that contracts and bulges when you squint, directly... READ MORE

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