Tender + Eyelid Surgery

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5 Weeks Post Eyelid Surgery: Pocket of Fluid Under Eyebrow

This "golf ball" appeared about 3 days post-op, and has been there now almost 5 weeks. It just appeared out of nowhere, and has been sitting... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Pulling Around Eyes, Cheeks, Under Chin and Tenderness After 3 Months Post Bleph?

I just want to know when I can expect relief from the pulling, the prickling and the tenderness I feel from my upper and lower blephs, a facelift and... READ MORE

Can Sutures After 4 Months Cause Me Pain and Tenderness Under Chin?

Upper and lower blephs, a facelift and the incision in the neck where muscle was cut. It has been 4 mo and I still have pain over my cheekbones, feel... READ MORE

My nose has been bleeding ever since I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery four weeks ago. It has been bleeding through post nasal dripping since day one. The amount is not significant but... READ MORE

3 weeks after eyelid surgery - are the scars normal? (Photo)

3 weeks after eyelid surgery - are the scars normal? They feel very thick and are very red and tender. I do not dare wear make- up yet but am back at... READ MORE

5.5 weeks post op upper & lower lid bleph, there is a lumpy area under the left eye which is hard. Is this normal? (photo)

Area under both eyes is still very swollen and tender to the touch. The left eye looks droopy too. I feel there is a mass under the lump. The skin fm... READ MORE

Will my Eye Gaps go away after lower Bleph and laser? (photos)

I had lower Transconjunctval Blepharoplasty with Erbium laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago. My concern is the under eye gap and pulling down of skin. There... READ MORE

I had upper and lower eye lid surgery 4 days ago - red mark. (photo)

But my left eye has red mark on it. It hurts to look up or down. I'm concerned about the red mark on my eye & the blood seeping from under my eyeball.... READ MORE

Tender lump s/p Bleph and fat transfer to cheeks? (photos)

I am 8 weeks post op bilateral Bleph and fat transfer to cheek bones. I still have a tender lump that seems to be fluid filled. My surgeon reccomended... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have a lot of pain and tenderness in the area around your eyebrows 10 days after upper eyelid surgery?

Could this possibly be an infection? For some odd reason, it gets worse when I wear prescription glasses. I'm going to follow up with my surgeon... READ MORE

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