Symmetrical + Eyelid Surgery

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Likelihood of Hering's Law After Ptsosis Surgery on One Eye

What is likelihood of experiencing hering's law of equal inervation after ptsosis surgery on one eye? That is, having the alternate eylide droop... READ MORE

Repairing an Ectropion, What Techniques Are Used?

How does the Surgeon determine what type of procedure is needed to repair an ectropion? Before the surgery, during, or after? How is symetry... READ MORE

I have one eye higher than the other you can see more of the sclera. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? (photos)

I feel like the right eye looks a little droopy but at the same time its higher up than the left eye. It has always been like this and it is more... READ MORE

Can I make my medial canthus symmetrical in both eyes? (And other eye questions) (Photo)

My right eye has a smaller platform than the left, and the canthus is higher and horizontal while the left eye is rounded and has a canthus that... READ MORE

I would like to make my prominent eyes look more deep set and my face more symmetrical. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I've always had prominent and bulgy eyes for as long as I could remember and I've tested for hyperthyroidism and I do not have it. I feel very self... READ MORE

Is full eyelid thickness resection good @ lifting eyelid, giving symmetrical crease/fold after failed levator resection? (Photo)

Surgeries 2005- Ben Ticho 2013- John Pak, levator resection Dr. Allen Putterman advised against Mulleroctomy. Wants to do full thickness resection &... READ MORE

What exactly determines beauty of the eyes?

What makes some people having attractive eyes and other not? Why we think someone has beautiful eyes, how do we define this? Because of the shape,... READ MORE

I have High Eyelid Grease - But normal in the morning. Any treatment suggestions? (photos)

The first few hours in the morning my eyelids are symmetrical, but during the day, the grease in my left lid moves higher and higher. It looks normal... READ MORE

Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

Can one upper eyelid under the brow feel thicker in fat and tissue than the other? or should they both be symmetrical? READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyelids? (photo)

Sometimes it looks like I have a lazy eye but it's only because my eyelids are not symmetrical. I was wondering what caused this and if there is... READ MORE

I have uneven eyelids, eyes, brows? What's happening and why so fast when i'm so young? (photo)

Over the last two years, my eyes have changed quite dramatically. (Orbital scan in 2012 was normal so I seem healthy other than allergy problems/eye... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can make my eyes more symmetrical? (Photo)

I had eye surgery to correct my amblyopia in my left eye over 25 yrs ago. After this surgery, I noticed my left operated eye was much larger than my... READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyelids? Is there a surgery for this? (photos)

So my eyelids are just.. uneven. It doesn't seem to be too noticeable to other people (either that or, more likely, my friends just lyin), but it... READ MORE

This is a follow-up to. Some doctors say canthopexy won't fix schleral show? Is this a simple procedure? (photo)

Thank you for your replies thus-far! I am attaching a "before" picture so you can see the difference. I have browsed other posts, and some doctors say... READ MORE

I just want my my eyes to be symmetrical again! Please help. (photos)

Hi I'm 19 years old and ive had this issue about 4 years now & the cause of this was bells palsy I had this 2 Times already in 2013 & 2015, I wasn't... READ MORE

Best option to fix dropping eyelid/ muscle issues 28 yrs old female? (photos)

I was born with a slight "lazy eyelid" or weak muscle and over time it has slowly gotten worse. The skin under the eyebrow has also begun to sag over... READ MORE

How can I make my eyelids more symmetrical? (photos)

My upper eyelids are asymmetrical. The left eyelid appears larger with more skin visible than the right. Also, the area above the eyelid appears... READ MORE

14D mullerectomy- L eye blood & mucus every AM. Bleeds every 2-3 days- unknown origin. Odds this will be symmetrical, nil?(Photo

Today is 14 days since bilateral mullerectomy. Rt eye has been great since day 1. L eye clearly, it isn't going to come close to matching. Why would... READ MORE

I had Ptosis fixed in right eye and Bleph done on both eyelids. Will my eyes go back to their pretty shape again? (photos)

Put up another pic to see differences had potosis fixed in right eye and blep done on both eyelids top picture is now at week 3 bottom pic is before... READ MORE

My eye lids are puffy and spongy even after 4 months of frontal sling surgery. Is something wrong os this permanent??? (photos)

I have ptosis on my right eye. I got frontal sling surgery thru autogenous fascia lata 4 months ago. The eyes are symmetrical but the surgery eyes... READ MORE

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