Surgery Scar + Eyelid Surgery

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What Can I Do to Lessen Scars After Blepharoplasty?

I had upper & lower bleph done 18 months ago. Am happy w/ lower as my bags are gone (am 49 years old & they were aging me more). I am very... READ MORE

Hiding Eyelid Surgery Scar on the Crease?

Can my eyelid scar be lowered so it will be in the crease? I had an Eyelid lift and the incision was not placed in the crease. You can see my scar... READ MORE

How Well Do Blepharoplasty Scars Heal?

I am 4 weeks post-op from lower Blepharoplasty. The incisions underneath the eyelash line have faded almost completely. The area I am concerned... READ MORE

How to Fix Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty Results?

I am 4 weeks post op from revisional upper Blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty. I am really unhappy with the results. My surgeon denies removing too... READ MORE

I had upper and lower Eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. What ointment or cream can I use to help heal my scars?

Swelling has finally gone down. But without makeup my lids n scars r real red n sore I am using tobradex ointment n drops. Finished antibiotics oral... READ MORE

Lumpy and Thick Scars After Blepharoplasty and Mid Facelift

I had a Blepharoplasty and a Mid Face Lift 9 days ago. The upper lids have the dissolving stitches but they are still very lumpy and do not seem to be... READ MORE

Second Blepharoplasty Incision?

I had an upper blepharoplasty two years ago where only skin needed to be removed. Now I'd like to remove underlying fat as well. Must my incision site... READ MORE

Raised/Visible surgery scar - 7 weeks post-op: Will massage, silicone gel/sheets or compression tape help the healing? (Photo)

I had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) 7 weeks ago and am worried that I may have a permanent hypertrophic scar on one eyelid! It's raised above the... READ MORE

Can Facial Scars from Surgery (Eg Blepharoplasty) Be Reduced, Disguised or Healed Better?

I am a 46 yr male having upper + lower blepharoplasty (and brow lift above one eye recommended by doc) and would like if possible to reduce the... READ MORE

Do I need to be worried? (photo)

I had upper & lower lid surgery 17 days ago. My doctor said he had to do considerably more work on my right eye.  The left eye is doing well, but ... READ MORE

Subcision and laser for epicanthal scar, now eye looks smaller, could it be deswelling or did it affect epicanthoplasty?

I had epicanthoplasty 9 months ago, every month there were changes. Recently, on the 8 month I did a subcision for the depressed surgical scar , after... READ MORE

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