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Upper Eyelid Fold Goes into Eye Socket Very Deep, Can It Be Solved by Filling And/or Surgery? (photo)

My upper eyelid folds go into the eye sockets very deeply which creates a strange look. Can this be solved by filling and/or surgery? Advice on how... READ MORE

Lacrimal Tear Gland Has Fallen out of the Orbit and into the Eyelids

, What causes this to happen? I was wondering if it could be from a car wreck I was involved in, (from the impact)? And should I seek surgery to... READ MORE

Surgery Instead of Botox Bleph?

Is there a more-permanent solution to the "botoxing" of the under-eye's "orbicularis muscle"? My PS has said that I am not in need... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty & Cataract Surgery

Can an upper blepharoplasty be combined with a cataract surgery by having them done simultaneously? READ MORE

Desperately need to fix the problem! (photos)

I had ptosis surgery to my right eye, in my first surgery i only had the levator muscle elevated. I had revision surgery 6 months later to remove... READ MORE

I'm 28 and would love upper eyelid surgery and improved chin/jawline. Can I have professional opinions? (Photos)

I would LOVE to get surgery to improve my looks with natural results. I inherited VERY full upper eyelids w/excess skin. Also, my jawline/chin I'm... READ MORE

I Post These Photos and I Want to Know What Kind of Surgery He Did to His Eyes?

This man famous in middle east because he did surgeries to look a like famous singer called Nancy ajram in Lebanon he said in interview that he did a... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my upper-eyelid blepharoptosis repair? (photos)

I had mild congenital ptosis in my right eye, which was considerably worsened when I was 8 and fell while ice-skating. Recently I believe my ptosis is... READ MORE

A lot of eye problems, blinking, lazy eye, dark circles, what procedures or remedies could fix them? (Photo)

So i have a lot of eye problems caused by years of sleepless nights or very little sleep and also bad contact use, used one on one eye for awhile,... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes at 17 Years Old? Could it Be Due to My Ear Surgery?

Im 17 years old male. my eyes have sunk in. i have had a surgery in my ear on 15th march 2012 ,can it be because of my surgery? upper eye cavity... READ MORE

Lower eyelids are droopy after Blepharoplasty. (photo)

Dear Doctors, I am 2 weeks post-op lower and upper eyelid. The lower eyelids are droopy and the right lower eyelid is still very swollen . do you... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty while awake?

After a recent consult for upper & lower blepharoplasty, I was ready to go, until I was told I'd be awake through the procedure in the office... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis (Frontalis Sling Surgery), advice?

Hi, I'm currently twenty and have congenital ptosis on my right eye. A month ago, I did levator resection, however it did not lift my eye as much. I'm... READ MORE

My eyeball is protruding. Can I have surgery to push them further into my head? (Photo)

In school sometimes i would get called goldfish (funny i know) because my eyes stick out quite far. It makes me look tired and i have even looked at... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Restylane filler for my eye bags or would a lower blepharoplasty be better? (Photo)

My undereyes have been bothering me for quite some time so I have been researching lower blepharoplasty. I went for a consultation with a oculoplastic... READ MORE

What can I do about my one sunken eye? (photos)

I have a difference between right and left eye. When I look at something over time it will right upper eyelid sag. I've been to an ophthalmologist who... READ MORE

I am in day 28 following upper bletharplasty and easing of one eyebrow to match its neighbour which has been lower. (photos)

I am left with a kink in the corner of one eyelid and the eyebrow that was raised now has a bad scar and is still too low. Is this what one should... READ MORE

How long after Lower Blepharoplasty can I fly?

I am planning to have a lower blepharoplasty, with a left brow tuck/tack for a lazy eye lid. How long after surgery will I be able to take a 4 hour... READ MORE

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