Sunken Eyes + Eyelid Surgery

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Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles Treatment for Contact Lens User?

I am a 31-year-old Indian male. I have gotten contacts recently and I'm constanly being told I look tired because of my sunken eyes and my dark... READ MORE

Multiple Eyelid Creases

I have a lot of eyelid creases/folds. How do I correct this? My eyes protrude and are quite large. To add, while it is not apparent in this picture... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty or Filler in the Tear Trough?

I HATE my under eye bags. They are genetic. I want to have them fixed. My aunt had it done but 10 yrs. later she has hollow, sunken orbital area. ... READ MORE

I Have Deep Set Eyes with Low Eyelids, is It Possible to Get Prominent Eyes by Surgery?

I have deep set eyes with low eyelids, is it possible to get prominent eyes by surgery? READ MORE

Hollow Eye at 25 Age , Because of Dehydration and Stress, Right Eye More Sunken Than Left One?

I am 25 year old female, i have developed sunken eyes with prominent tear through , from past 3- 4 years, maybe because of dehydration, fat READ MORE

What can cause SUDDEN sunken eye, teeth drop, loss of cheeks, facial asymmetry? (photos)

8 months ago suddenly my left eye become sunken in. Teeth on my left side dropped down. Since then I lost my chubby cheeks. Looks like my whole face... READ MORE

I Need an Expert with Fixing a Sunken Eyed Appearance, Options? (photo)

I have always had deep set eyes, but they seem to keep getting more deep set . Most of this problem is in the area of my upper orbital rims and next... READ MORE

How Common Are Long-Term Effects of Blepharoplasty - Especially Sunken Eyes?

I am 53 and planning lower and upper blepharoplasty in a couple of months. My concern is that in the years to come my eyes will look hollow, skull... READ MORE

Safe Sunken Eyes Treatment for Thin Skin?

I am a 28 year old woman with dark, sunken looking eyes. I have used Botox around the brow and to eliminate crows feet. When I retain water, my eyes... READ MORE

Derma Roller for Sunken Eyes??

I used derma roller for few acne scars(very very mild pitted scars) and it worked like magic, Now I'm wondering if I can roll under my eyes to improve... READ MORE

Eye Socket/orbit Situation

My eyes are located a bit deeper then usual in my eye-socket/orbit/house of the skelet. Looks like my forehead construction is located more foward or... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty Gone Wrong

Hello, I am in distress. My eyes are severely sunken after upper blepharoplasty and brow lift, it's been almost two years now! what is the best... READ MORE

Options for Sunken Eyes?

I am only 19 years old and I'm 5'2 and I weigh about 100 pounds throughout my life. I have always gained and lost a few pounds, and the... READ MORE

27 Years Old Female - Sunken Eyes

27 years old female & my eyes have become sunken frm last 2 yrs. i m in constant stress and experience IBS also at times. for IBS i take... READ MORE

Extra Baggy Skin After Blepharoplasty

I'm in tears every day due to a Blepharoplasty surgery and Laser Resurfacing. I am only 36 and looking back, there was nothing wrong with my eyes. Now... READ MORE

Longevity of Fat Replacement After Eyelid Surgery?

I had lower and upper eyelid surgery done 3 1/2 months ago. My doctor removed too much fat and I have sunken hollow eyes. I also have ectropion in... READ MORE

Possible to Push Eyeball Back During a Blepharoplasty?

I had upper/lower bleph surgery done in Jan 2011. I have never had assymetry or one eye more prolific than the other. During my surgery I had some... READ MORE

The Best Solution for Sunken/droopy Eyes? (photo)

I am not sure whether my problem lies within the hollow just under the eye or if the eyelid requires attention as it droops somewhat. I am 35 years... READ MORE

I Had Blepharoplasty 23 Days Ago and Am Worried That Something is Wrong.

I had blepharoplasty 23 days ago. From the beginning my left eye was always swollen and sore. I hae been back to my surgeon twice because my vision in... READ MORE

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