Sun Exposure + Eyelid Surgery

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Incision/Scar Line from Upper Blepharoplasty and the Sun?

How long should one avoid direct sunlight regarding the incisions/scar line after having Upper Blepharoplasty. Thank you for your time! READ MORE

What is the effect of sun on bruising?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty and rhytidectomy 5 weeks ago. Why does my PS insist that I have to stay out of the sun COMPLETELY until the... READ MORE

Is There a 'Good' Time of Year for Eyelid Surgery? I Live in the Sun Belt of Calif

Is There a 'Good' Time of Year for Eyelid Surgery? I Live in the Sun Belt of Calif READ MORE

Can dry eyes cause Pinguecula Bumps

Do dry eyes cause Pinguecula bumps in the eyes? I am not in the sun often as I heard that causes the bumps. How can I prevent future Pinguecula bumps?... READ MORE

What is considered dangerous sun exposure after blepharoplasty?

I have plans to go on vacation to southeast asia which is extremely hot and sunny and was wondering how this would affect my eyelid recovery. READ MORE

Any suggestions for under eye crepe? (photos)

Im 33 yrs old. I have been exposed to a lot of sun. Im opposed to under eye filler. Ive had it before and it started to retain water so it looked like... READ MORE

Is it ok to have blepharoplasty with nose and chin implant revisions all together?

Planning a blepharoplasty, revision rhinoplasty & chin implant at the same time. Had rhinoplasty & chin implant 17 years ago. Chin implant was too big... READ MORE

Do i need to avoid the sun pre-lower Blepharoplasty and skin pinch procedure?

I have booked the surgery date but the week before i will be exposing to sun at the beach. Also i would like to know if Lower Blepharoplasty alone... READ MORE

Best approach for these tired under eyes? (Photo)

My eyes have had slight creases after sun exposure and just look darker and more obvious. Each undereye lines has become more pronounced and deeper.... READ MORE

My name is Addie and I had lower lid blepharoplasty done 3 weeks ago. My sugeston told me he didn't remove any skin

When I smile I still see loose skin. During my consultation I spoke about how my loose skin and bags were the issue. My surgeon told me he didn't... READ MORE

Ptosis in left eye but also irritation... What could have caused this?

I already know I have ptosis in my left eye and it is acquired ptosis which I found out through photos. But my left eye is painful as well. And the... READ MORE

I want to know about the treatment of my eyes. Can I get equal eye size by any surgery? (Photo)

The problem is that, my right eye is much smaller than the left, It was byborn( i am of 21)the problem is that I cant see with my right eye. It's not... READ MORE

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