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Pulling or Stretching Eyelid After Blepharoplasty

Can pulling or stretching the upper eyelid, 2 months post upper Blepharoplasty be damaging in any way? READ MORE

Will upper eyelid skin stretch?

I had an aggressive upper bleph and my eye will not close all the way.. Will eyelid skin stretch? If so, how long will it take? READ MORE

11 days post op, my eyelids look abnormal, swollen, and tight. Is this normal? (photos)

I had upper bleph 11 days ago. My eyelids are so stretched and swollen. I feel way too much skin was taken out. The right eye is droopier and has a... READ MORE

Skin in the Corner of my Eyes Seems Stretched Too Tight After Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

My laser surgery was just 3 days ago. I have very little bruising or swelling today. However, the skin in the corners of each of my eyes is stretched.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Muscle Between the Eyebrows to Feel Stretched 5 Months After Blepharoplasty?

Is it normal for the muscle/skin between the brows to feel stretched 5 months after blepharoplasty and face-lift? My forehead, brow and eyelids feel... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Has Become Prominent over the Past Few Years. What Can I Do?

I have noticed that my upper eyelid has become prominent over the past few years (as if stretching to cover the apparentlybulged eye). If this... READ MORE

What to do about tear through area? Injectables or surgery? (photos)

I was told by a plastic surgeon that tear through surgery would be the best option because of my age, he did not want to consider fillers because I... READ MORE

Can Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty to Remove Fat Permanently Stretch the Lower Lid? (photo)

I had very little fat under my eyes and no wrinkles. I am one week post op and my lower eyelids are stretched to the point that my corneas slip below... READ MORE

Will the use of eyelid tape stretch out my skin?

Had blepharoplasty on only my right eyelid in November 2013. I know I will need a blepharoplasty revision in the future as without the tape, my right... READ MORE

Stretched lower eyelid skin post bad tear trough filler treatment. Bleph or laser resurface to tighten? (photo)

I had tear trough filler Sept 2013. Right side fine but left side very lumpy, bruised and red (spider veins now). Filler on left kept migrating,... READ MORE

How Can Stretched Tissue (Muscle/septum) Be Addresed After Trauma to the Orbit? (photo)

My infant hit me directly on the globe 7 months ago causing fat prolapse to the lower lid. Two weeks ago I underwent unilateral transcon blepharo... READ MORE

My Eyes Look Screwy 23 Days Post Upper and Lower Bephs, Rhino Plasty and Browlift? (photo)

Is this normaL??? I look like I have Downs syndrome. One eye is stretched and oval and the other one is round and set back. A girl I was roomates with... READ MORE

Can pulling on your eyes permanently disconfigure them? If so, would there be a surgery to correct and restore to natural look?

I used to pull on my eyes when I was a little kid. To the point that they would stay stretched for a few seconds. I have diagnosed ocd (used to be... READ MORE

What is wrong with my right eye and what can I do? (photos)

My right eye has a bump that protrudes right above the outer corner. It's hard when i touch it and it really bothers the way I look because it makes... READ MORE

What can be done to bring back the youthfulness underneath my eyes? (Photo)

I always looked very young for my age until now. the skin under my eyes looks like it stretched and aged rapidly from just a few years ago. I don't... READ MORE

Fixing upper eye lid loose skin. Looks almost like a "double blink" when I close and open my eyes.

I'm 34, get Botox regularly,and have a lot of stretch to my skin in general. This wouldn't be too much of a concern, but for the loose skin on my top... READ MORE

Eyelids won't close after Blepharoplasty! 2 Months post-op. (photos)

I had an upper Blepharoplasty 2 Months ago. I can make my eyelids gently shut but when i relax or when i sleep 2-4 mm of sclera and half of my eyeball... READ MORE

One time I stretched my upper eyelid to the point where it hurt for a while. Did I damage my upper eyelid?

One time I stretched my upper eyelid to the point where it hurt for a while. Do you think this caused any permanent damage? Did this cause "trauma" on... READ MORE

How can I make my eyes a little more narrow/almond shaped?

Is it possible to make my eyes narrow and lift the corners up a little bit? I always like my eyes better when I kind of "stretch" my eyebrows upwards... READ MORE

Can upper eyelid skin be stretched?

I had a really bad reaction to ultherapy heat. At month 5 my eyes became smaller and beady due to major skin shrinkage. My face and eyelids are tight... READ MORE

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