Straighten + Eyelid Surgery

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Am I a Good Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty Candidate?

I would like to have wider, sexy, hooded eyes and a slimmer, thin, straight, pointed nose, and a more feminine jaw. I want eyes and a nose more like... READ MORE

Is there any uneven eye muscle exercises? (photos)

I don't have the best health insurance, so im not able to undergo any type of surgery. Are there any exercises that can be recommended for... READ MORE

Any suggestions for uneven eyes and facial asymmetry? (photos)

I've noticed recently that one of my eyes is higher than the other. I always thought I just tilted my head in pictures, but after observing one of... READ MORE

I would like my eyes not to droop slightly and be straight and neutral, is this possible? (photo)

 I am a 25 year old male from the US. My orbital rim on my right eye was fractured in a hockey injury when younger. Dont know if that caused it... READ MORE

Do my eye suppose to look upward after orbital floor repair? If so, how long or will it straighten up?

I was hit under my left eye, which resulted with me having surgery. It's been nearly 2 weeks and my left eye isn't on track with my good one. My left... READ MORE

Is there a surgeon that can do these surgeries for me? (photos)

I want my eyes to be more almond shaped, and want a crease. I want the tip of my nose to be smaller and want smaller nostrils, I want it to be... READ MORE

How safe is canthoplasty, upper eyelid surgery and lower retraction at a young age?

I'm 23. I have ptosis of the upper eyelid. I want this corrected. I also want canthoplasty as my eyes tilt down too far, there is a bell curve look to... READ MORE

Can a curved eyelid be converted into a straight one through a cosmetic surgery? (Photo)

Can a curved eyelid be converted into a straight one through a cosmetic surgery? If yes, then what's that process called? Is it impossible? I wanna... READ MORE

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