Squint + Eyelid Surgery

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Asymmetrical eyes: My right eye is smaller than my left, seems to have gotten worse with time, what could be causing it? (photo)

I've been noticing in photos that my right eye seems to squint more than my right, which is especially noticeable when I smile. Recently, a family... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve my small, squinty eyes? (photos)

18 year old caucasian girl with small eyesHave had very squinty eyes all my life. Also have eye bags which I can not get rid of and make my eyes look... READ MORE

I have squinty eye when I smile, why? (photos)

I have a really bad squinty eye when I smile,I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to have it fix . Also to know what causes it . READ MORE

My eyes become asymmetrical when I smile. How can I fix this? (photos)

When I smile one eye squints more and displays more emotion. It started occurring occasionally when I was about 16. Now I'm 24 and it occurs over half... READ MORE

Why has my right eye become smaller than the left, and what can be done about it? (Photo)

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but i do wear glasses and I often find my self squinting and straining my right eye the most since... READ MORE

Squinting Eye After Ptosis Sling Surgery?

After my Right Eye Ptosis Sling Surgery Eye Like Squint .how to Solve This Problem? 17 years old,60 lbs,174cm READ MORE

Since Having Squint Surgery As an Adult my Eye Seemed to Have Moved Down my Face?

I had squint surgery at age 42. I seemed to develop a squint as an adult as I didn't have it as a child. However, since I had the surgery my eyelid is... READ MORE

Any way to make eyes more "squinty"?

I become much more attractive when I squint my eyes by raising my lower eyelid and lowering the top eyelid a bit. I try to permanently do it but it is... READ MORE

I'm 17 and I'm thinking of surgery on my eyelid (ptosis/lazy eye). What are your opinions? (Photos)

My dropping eyelid has started to affect me recently, I've noticed my right eye is light sensitive I often have to close my right eye or squint when... READ MORE

Muscle tightening in right eye? (photo)

Although I know faces are rarely symmetrical, Moles (now removed), one ear tucked behind more than the other etc. I have one major issue...drooping of... READ MORE

Asymmetric eyes; how can I make the shape better? (Photo)

I have squint since i was 2 years old i had 2 surgeries and botox to fix it but i still have squint ,after all these surgeries i notice that my lazy... READ MORE

I hate my upper eyelid shape. (photos)

Hello. I dislike my eye shape very very much. My eyes look extremely tired, lazy, and small. With the photos side by side you'll see what I mean. My... READ MORE

Tired of squinty eyes. What can I do? (photos)

People often tease me to "open my eyes" in pictures. do i have hooded eyes? how can i fix this READ MORE

Does this look normal for after an upper and lower blepharoplasty? (photos)

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty yesterday but from the moment it was done my left eye felt tighter and smaller then the right eye. Is it... READ MORE

squinty eyes and lower brow (photo)

Is there a way to change my eyes like on the left side of the photo? And lower my brows? I know big eyes are considered attractive on girls but i... READ MORE

Uneven eyes from squinting, also really bad bags underneath both. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm actually blind in my right eye (the left eye as you look at this photo from the computer), which makes me squint severely in sunlight. It also... READ MORE

Do I have eyelid ptosis or are my eyes getting deeper set? (Photos)

As a young adult, I was often told that I looked "tired", or "drunk" or "high" because my eyelids gave me a squinting appearance. I also have... READ MORE

Lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty. I had an operation 11 month ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

The surgeon fixed tarso orbital fascia to the lower edge of orbita. (With fat reposition) Today i have a problem with deforming of my lower eyelid... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery? Hooded eyelids. (photos)

My cheeks are very big, I'm not sure if it's genetic or not but I wanted to know if I could naturally reduce the size of them or not. My cheeks make... READ MORE

Thick Under Muscle After Bleph?

After blepharoplasty, right underneath the eye It looks as though I'm squinting. The same muscle that contracts and bulges when you squint, directly... READ MORE

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