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Best Specialist for Ptosis Repair?

Hi doctors. I suspect I have a ptosis because I find my eyelids constantly straining to stay open (similar to constant stretching of a muscle) and... READ MORE

What Specialist Should I See About Ptosis Ache?

I had ptosis repair one eye more than year ago [still had a minor 1mm ptosis after that], about a month after that been having a dull ache whenever... READ MORE

Looking for an oculoplastic surgeon (ASOPRS) eyelid specialist who only performs Blepharoplasty surgeries in Arizona

Are oculoplastic surgeons (ASOPRS) eyelid specialist who only perform Blepharoplasty surgeries? If not how would I go about finding a eyelid... READ MORE

What's the difference between an ophthalmic surgeon and an oculoplastic surgeon?

How can one determine who is more beneficial for the purposes of strictly cosmetic under and or upper eye surgery if its determined to be eventually... READ MORE

Lower Blep Eyelid Surgery?

With so many procedures PS's perform, how do you find a PS that specializes specifically in eyelid surgery? READ MORE

Help look cross eyed when I'm not. Can surgery correct this? (photos)

Up until recently I thought I was cross eyed but 2 specialists have confirmed that my eyes are perfectly alligned and it's more to do with the shape... READ MORE

Are there any oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeons trained in Dr. Flower's eyelid surgery technique in Florida? (photo)

Retired Dr. Flower's eye surgery technique appears to provide a natural looking, almond shape appearance. Dr. Ceydeli in Panama City trained under him... READ MORE

I am from the UK and am seeking advise on Orbital rim implants. Any suggestions?

Ive tried fillers however what im looking for fillers dont seem to be the solution. Ive a problem that my lower lids pertrude directly below and... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery. What type of specialist do I have to see? (Photo)

3 years ago I had a very bad car accident .On that accident I lost my upper eyelid.On that time doctor just try to fixed that.After surgery there is a... READ MORE

What specialist in Nashville, TN can diagnose and treat my right eye issue? (Photo)

I am looking for a oculoplastic surgeon to diagnose and fix my right eye. Not sure it's ptosis, Horner syndrome. Sometimes it looks smaller than left.... READ MORE

I am looking for a top surgeon who specializes in blepharoplasty. Can anyone recommend an experienced colleague ??

I need to have a minor skin pinch procedure for my lower lid. Unfortunately I had one bad experience with plastic surgery before since I didn't do... READ MORE

Can this upper eyelid hollow be fixed? With surgery or fillers? (photos)

I had a bad blephoraplasty about 10 years ago. Four years ago I had an occuplastic surgeon try and fix it. It's improved but not enough. I think... READ MORE

Orbital hollowness specialists? (Photo)

Is there a specialist that corrects A Frame Deformity/Doll Eye Deformity, Orbital Hollowness in Los Angeles, or San Diego? READ MORE

Is there a specialist in DFW that specializes in Bulging eyes or Proptosis?

I am looking for a specialist in the DFW area that specializes in dealing with Proptosis or dealing with bulging eyes that disposition themselves at night READ MORE

I have been having trouble finding a MICHIGAN doctor who specializes in lower blepharoplasty. Any suggestions?

Got fillers under eye (she supposedly used juvaderm) and i have been experiencing EXTREME puffiness and darkness after. its been about 1 year and a... READ MORE

Any doctor's recommendation for upper eye Lift (blepharoplasty) in Chicago area?

I am looking for the Doctor in Chicago area who specializes in this area of the face. I am not looking for someone who can just perform the procedure.... READ MORE

Looking for Chicago area eyelid physician who specializes in lower bleph revisions. Any suggestions?

Had awful lower bleph results form a year and a half ago. Had revision to remove what was thought to be a fat pad in outer lower lid 5 months ago. Fat... READ MORE

Looking for surgeons who specialize in face/eyes (looking for potential lower eyelid intervention)

I see a lot of plastic surgeons doing all kind of surgeries from butt lift to eyelid surgery to liposuction, to jaw reduction/augmentation. While I am... READ MORE

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