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I Done Frontalis Sling Surgery on my Right Eye 3 Years Ago. I Cant Blink on That Eye?

So can i undo the surgery, so i can blink. that eyes feels heavy at times. i was thinknig can i undo the sling surgery and do the normal ptosis... READ MORE

Will my Son's Scar on His Eye Crease Go Away? (photo)

Hi. My 2 yr.old had frontalis sling surgery for his ptosis last year. He got revision surgery 6 weeks ago to lift his lid and repair his double eye... READ MORE

3rd Time Ptosis Repair if There is Any Peeking of my Eye Lid or the Contour is Destroyed? (photo)

3RD time for revision of Tarso frontal Sling for marcus gunn jaw winking ptosis after it snapped, 1st SURGERY DEC 5th , 3rd surgery 6 days ago [pics... READ MORE

Silicone Sling Material Visible Through the Foreheard Suture. 3rd Week Post Ptosis Surgery? (photo)

What is to be done my dr told me to come & see after a month .. but post 1st week surgery the sling material is pretty much seen coming out of the... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lower blepharoplasty w/muscle sling? (photo)

I have been feeling as though my eyes have aged considerably over the past few years. Feel as though I've lost volume in my face as well. I am 37... READ MORE

Squinting Eye After Ptosis Sling Surgery?

After my Right Eye Ptosis Sling Surgery Eye Like Squint .how to Solve This Problem? 17 years old,60 lbs,174cm READ MORE

Undoing MGJW Ptosis Surgery, As I Am Not Happy with the Result?

I am thinking of getting the whole tf sling[silicone] surgery undone . I was just curious if undoing the surgery will restore will downward gaze , I... READ MORE

My eyelid has barely any function. Will a frontalis sling help me? (photos)

Hello, I am an 18 year old girl. At the age of 12 and 13 I had two unsuccessful surgeries to correct my ptosis, which unexplainably occurred when I... READ MORE

Will Undoing Tarso Frontal Sling Surgery for MGJW Will Bring my Eyes to the Previous Level & Lid Lag Be Solved?

After series of attempt [5 surgeries]of keeping the sling[silicone] in place the sling has snapped again & i want to get rid of the whole thing .... READ MORE

Swelling and red skin after frontalis sling operation? Inflammation (Photo)

I have Done frontail sling to correct ptosis and Felling bad for swelling, red skin on the eyelid that refuses to get better .I have meet a doctor,... READ MORE

Any suggestions for undo frontail sling? (photos)

I want to Undo frontail sling à have never been swollen after 4 month off eylid surgery but no i am that all the time , after the sling, i have meet ... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis (Frontalis Sling Surgery), advice?

Hi, I'm currently twenty and have congenital ptosis on my right eye. A month ago, I did levator resection, however it did not lift my eye as much. I'm... READ MORE

What is Being Done when the Insurance Lists the Procedure As Repair Blepharoptosis Superior Rectus Technique W/ Facial Sling?

My doctor told me he was going to do a brow lift when he repaired my collapsing nose. I understand the blepharoptois repair is the brow lift. What I... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis; Muscle Resection OR Frontalis Sling? Please Answer Each Question Specifically (photos)

Age - 25 Not Had Any Surgery Before 1 ] Is My Levator Muscle "WEAK" OR OR Is It "Not Fully DEVELOPED"? Which 1 is My Case? 2 ] Will My Eyes Look... READ MORE

Age 22: Ptosis since birth - 2 unsuccessful surgeries, one was sling and one a levator resection. (photos)

After doing levator my eye got worse..can't blink anymore & extremely weak upgaze..i can only forcely open it using eyebrows .it's been 5 years nd... READ MORE

My eye lids are puffy and spongy even after 4 months of frontal sling surgery. Is something wrong os this permanent??? (photos)

I have ptosis on my right eye. I got frontal sling surgery thru autogenous fascia lata 4 months ago. The eyes are symmetrical but the surgery eyes... READ MORE

Why my eye lids are puffy even after 4 months. Frontal sling surgery ptosis autogenous fascia lata. Any suggestion?

Surgery eyelids is puffy eventhough swelling is gone. It makes eye look blunt. Is it permanent. The eyelids are symmetrical READ MORE

Diagnosed with Mitichondrial Myopathy in my early 20s. Age 51 now. It is most obvious in my left eye. (photos)

I have had two lid surgeries, realignment surgery and a sling. The last causing chronic dry eye which I've been told is wondering about a... READ MORE

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