Sleep + Eyelid Surgery

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Does Sleeping on Your Face Cause Droopy Eyes or Uneven Eyes?

I slept on one side of my face for a long time and now that eye have become smaller and droopy. I tried sleeping on the other side and when I wake up... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis Surgery-Fascia Lata (Left Eye) 4 Wks Ago.When Should I Heal?

I'm male 27.BMI normal.Myopic, use glass with -6D.I had a congenital ptosis in left eye described as-LPS FN 2mm,Bells-Good,MJW->-ve.I had an... READ MORE

What Are the Symptoms of Ptosis?

Hi. I am 21 years old. My left eye tends to droop a bit.But i have recognized something strange. My left eye appears normal after sleep or when i wash... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Changed to Single Eyelid While I Slept. Permanent?

I slept for a long time 2 days ago and woke up with a single eyelid which was a double eyelids. It has been two days and my eyelid hasn't returned... READ MORE

Can't Close Eyes and Blurred Vision After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I can't close my eyes after 9 moons when sleeping and have some blurred vision that i never had before surgery. READ MORE

How long do I need to sleep with my head elevated after lower eyelid surgery?

4 weeks ago I had lower eyelid surgery. I've tried my best to keep my head elevated when I go to sleep but I often wake up on my side and find that I... READ MORE

Eyelid Fat Come Back?

Had a lower eyelid surgery four years ago and I came out all right, but for two months I have not slept well only for 3-4 hours and i have inflamation... READ MORE

Consistently swollen lower eyelid for 10 years, what can I do about it? (photo)

I have had consistently swollen lower eyelids for about 10 years now and have not been able to figure out how to get rid of it. There is no pain or... READ MORE

If I Get Enough Beauty Sleep for a Good Period of Time Will the Bags Under my Eyes Become Less Obvious and and Dark? (photo)

Ive been going through a couple of stressful years of studying and staying up all nights and now i have bags under my eyes im 23 years old now are... READ MORE

Why are my eyes wet and weeping during sleep 3 months after upper blepharoplasty?

Do i need to be worried about waking up in the night with really wet eyes and sore in the morning, like some one has been poking eye ball ? Is this... READ MORE

How can you tell if it's really fat what hiding under your eye lids?

How can you tell, whether is water retention, fat deposits, hereditary, lack of sleep is there some test to see what is what is sitting under your eye... READ MORE

Vertigo - BPPV, Sleeping?

I have BPPV for about 5 years. When it come I get a dizzy and nauseated. After doing the exercise I get very exhausted & sleepy. Does that happen... READ MORE

Which procedure/s can make eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake? (photo)

I am 32 years old and noticed more puffiness and under eye wrinkles, as well as lower hanging eyelids to due lack of sleep. Which procedure/s help to... READ MORE

I'm 7 yrs post eyelid surgery. I can't close my eyes & I have huge scars. How much will it cost to fix, and what's the best way?

Hello. I had upper eyelid surgery 7 years ago. I still can see the huge scars on my eyes, and can't close my eyes very well when I go to sleep. What... READ MORE

I feel uncomfortable about how my eyes look! I sleep 8 hrs & drink lots of water. I look old! I'm 20. What can I do? (photo)

I have deep lines under my eyes that make me look so old! I have plenty of sleep, drink water all day and stay very active. I'm 20 years old and... READ MORE

Is there any way to make my under eyelid fuller? (photos)

If you dont understand, under my lower eyelash my eyelid just... i dont know doesnt look youthful... i dont know maybe i just dont get enough sleep or... READ MORE

Is there any damage on the eyelid of Stitches both ends of the eyelid in order to be closed during sleep?

Is there any damage on the eyelid of Stitches both ends of the eyelid in order to be closed during sleep? READ MORE

Is This Ptosis?

Hi. I am 21 years old. My left eye tends to droop a bit. I uploaded my pics in this forum and doctors recommended me to get ptosis surgery done. But i... READ MORE

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