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Do People with Large Eyes Actually Have Larger Globes?

Do people with "large eyes" actually have larger globes, or is it the size of the orbital socket which determines the perceived size of the eye? I... READ MORE

Eyes Are Smaller After Lower Eyelid Lift

I had the surgery in Jan of this year...I voiced my concerns to my doctor last week...he said my eyes still need to "settle"?.Its been 3... READ MORE

Why are my eyes a different shape and size? (photo)

My eyes have always appeared to be different shapes but I feel as if it's becoming more apparent, at least to me. I'm 16 and I often feel rather self... READ MORE

10 Mm is Human Ideal Eyelid High According to my Surgeon, is It True? or Is It Coming from Colonial Thought? (photo)

This is what I think: For the look, variation across ethnicity. Also variation within ethnicity. Serving different ethnicity and individual the same... READ MORE

Can the Size of Eye Change?

Yesterday i felt irritation in my left eye. i rubbed it forcefully and after it i slept for sometime. when i woke up i felt that my left eye size is... READ MORE

Upper Bleph 4 Weeks Ago. Concerned with How Big my Eyelids Look.

I can’t find any “after" photos that have big lids like mine. Is this cause too much fat was taken? I was told in time the top would... READ MORE

Why is one of my eyes appear to look bigger than the other only in pics? In the mirror it looks the same. (photos)

Why is one of my eyes appear to look bigger than the other only in pics? Front facing camera it looks the same size and also in the mirror. But when... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty for Correcting Eye Size?

I am 24 years old, and my eyes are not equal in size. I also find it a little difficult to look at small-sized objects. Can Blepharoplasty help me? If... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Different Sized Eyes Due to Facial Asymmetry?

My left eye looks biger than the right one.I am from India (Chennai). I am feeling this from my 16th age onwards. now I am 23. I consulted an... READ MORE

Can I increase my eye size naturally, or without surgery?

I have so little eyes and there r deark circles around my eyes, can my eye size increase naturally... READ MORE

My eyes change size throughout the day. What is the cause of all this? Also, is there a way to make my eyes stable?

Hello, I notice that my eyes change size throughout the day. When I wake up, they are medium, but when I return from school, they become large. Also,... READ MORE

I have different eye size. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've never had problems with my vision or eye problems all together but last less than an year I can see difference in the size of eyes. My right eye... READ MORE

My eyes have completely different shape and size? (photo)

One of my eyeballs are bigger than the has been starting to get much more noticeable, especially in photos. What could be the cause and is... READ MORE

Different Eye Sizes. Are there any cosmetic surgeries that will make my eyes the same shape or at least a little smaller?

About a year ago I noticed that one of my eyes were bigger than the other and now it's a more noticeable difference, especially in photos. Are there... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the size of my eyes? (photo)

One eye looks way bigger in all my pictures drives me crazy. no you can never be perfect but one of my eyes looks bigger in all my pictures and... READ MORE

Will my eyes be equal in size in time after double eyelid surgery? (photos)

Its my 5 weeks post op and everyone's commenting on how my eyes got deep. they are telling me i have big eye bags. i don't know if its because i'm... READ MORE

Why are my eyes different sizes? (photo)

I'm in my teens and I just noticed this and it bothers me... Is there a way to fix it? READ MORE

Why are my eyes different shapes/sizes and how do I change it? (photo)

How much is surgery and is there anything else I can do? I have always been extremely self - conscious about it and being 23 and financially stable I... READ MORE

Can my large eyes reduced? (photos)

I have a large eyes which makes me awkward everywhere. Can the size of eyes reduced READ MORE

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