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Why Are my Eyes Different Sizes?

I'm in my late 30s but I only started noticing a few years ago that my eyes are shaped differently and uneven. Looking back at old photos I... READ MORE

Can I Change my Eye Shape?

So far, I have not come across websites that offer to change the shape of the eyes per se. Although blepharoplasty might naturally change the eye... READ MORE

What did Kim Kardashian do to her eye area? I want that eye shape she has. My eyes currently look like her BEFORE pics. (photo)

First of, I would like you to overlook any photoshop, aging, or makeup excuses. Because in real life, her eyes look just like the pictures. How do I... READ MORE

Can Eye Size/shape Change over a Short Period of Time?

I always thought my eyes were relatively symmetrical, but a few weeks ago I noticed one is considerably bigger than the other. It could just a shape... READ MORE

Will a Lateral Canthopexy Change the Shape of the Eyes on a 45 Year Old? Has my Doctor over Tightened One Side? (photo)

7 days ago i had a lateral cantholpexy performed at the same time as rhinoplasty. We agreed to do a Lower Blepharoplasty to remove the bags under my... READ MORE

Surgically Widening Eye Shape?

I hate the shape/ size of my eyes and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to change them. I've always wanted WIDER, more almond-shaped... READ MORE

Would Eyelid Surgery Correct Asymmetry After Orbital Fracture Repair?

My left eye had large orbital floor fracture during a vehicle accident 1 year ago, and was repaired with incision through the inside of the left lower... READ MORE

How Can I Get the Squinty Male-model Eye Look?

Is there a way to make average/slightly droop male eyes more thin/tight/wide, squinty and masculine? My eyes are somewhere between pics 1 and 2. I... READ MORE

Will Eye Shape Change After Eyelid Surgery Be Permanent?

It has been 5 weeks after I had eyelid surgery and my eyes look round. Will this change the shape of my eye permanently? READ MORE

Could I Change my Eye Shape? From Caucasian to Asian Eyes.

Hello, I'm half chinees and half Surinamees. Most of my family is chinees and I live in Taiwan.. They never believe i'm part chinees, because... READ MORE

Why are my eyes a different shape and size? (photo)

My eyes have always appeared to be different shapes but I feel as if it's becoming more apparent, at least to me. I'm 16 and I often feel rather self... READ MORE

How did she change eye, nose and lip shape? (Photo)

Want to know what surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian she had to go from before to after photo. she is the girl on the left in floral jacket. How... READ MORE

Is Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty Better Than Transcutaneous?

I was told that transcutaneous can cause ectropion and change the shape of your eyes READ MORE

Can I Change My Upward Eye Shape To A More Downturned Look?

I have eyes that tilt upwards and I want them to be more downturned. Can I fix this with surgery? I want this  READ MORE

Can I Change My Round Eyes To Almond Shaped Eyes? (photo)

I have round eyes however i want to change them into almond shaped eyes. I want to raise the inner corner of my eyes down and the outer parts up. Is... READ MORE

Would Eyelashes Grow Back After Changing Eyelid Shape?

How can eyelid shape be changed? How much would it cost and how long would it take to heal? Also, would your eyelashes grow back? Thanks. READ MORE

Is It Common for a Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch to Alter the Shape of One's Eye?

A plastic surgeon told me I have excess skin on my lower eyelids. CO2 fractional laser was recommended as first step. That was done 3 months ago. Mild... READ MORE

Shape Eyes with Blepharoplasty?

My eyes (photo on left) are very tired looking all the time. I also feel they're incredibly un-proportionate with the rest of my face. Is it... READ MORE

Is Lateral Canthoplasty Dangerous?

What are the risks of lateral canthoplasty to make eyes look almond shaped? Is it dangerous? Is it an unusual surgery? Or, is it an easy surgery which... READ MORE

Solution for inconsistent eyelids that often change shape and size? Blepharoplasty an option? (photo)

My eyelids change shape and size nearly every morning. One day they will be droopy and small and the next day ill have my full pretty big lids back.... READ MORE

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