Sensitivity + Eyelid Surgery

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Extremely Sensitive Eyes Post- Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I'm 5 weeks post upper and lower blepharoplasty. There is still swelling and general tightness and my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. My... READ MORE

Eyes Feels Like There is Grit in Them and Are Sensitive to Sunlight. Can Anything Be Done?

I was wondering if any operation could be done to help or even if the eyeball can be taken out and cleaned. My eyes have felt like this only since I... READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Double Eyelid Surgery

Vision still blurry at 8 weeks post op. Light sensitivity, eye pain and dry eye. Right eye feels like there is something in it. Astigmatism inc from... READ MORE

Chemosis in both eyes after upper & lower blepharoplasty on Oct 23. Having hard time keeping eyes open. Any suggestions? (photo)

Sore ans swelled. Tried to get in to see ps who preformed the surgery. Although I had a lot done am really concerned about my eyes. Nurse took... READ MORE

2 Questions: Fat Graphing Regarding Overly Aggresive Upper Eyelid Lift. Thank You!

2 Questions: 1)Can fat graphing/adding fat make the eyelid close better to help dry and light sensitivity due to too much skin being removed in an... READ MORE

Since surgery of upper & lower lid, Sept 2010 I have suffered intense sensitivity to the light, especially when I first wake up.

 Also, at night when I close my eyes to sleep my right eye waters non stop, its as if I turn on a faucet as I close my eyes. Its extremely... READ MORE

Bleph 4 months ago. Should I be concerned with EXTM sensitivity to light, hollowness under my eyes & changes in vision? (Photo)

Upper and lower bleph 4.5 months ago, I've noticed my under eye area has become sunken/ hollow. Causes a shadow under my eyes and makes me look tired.... READ MORE

Following Upper and Lower Bleph I Am Still Having Problems 15 Months Later with Very Irritated Eyes?

Hi, I had upper and lower bleph in December 2011 and I am still having problems with my eyes, particularly my right eye. Some days are worse than... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Have a Steroid in the MAC During Lower Lid Ectropion Repair?

I will be having a lateral canthal resuspension with scarlysis and grafting. The occuloplastic surgeon is recommending a steriod be used during the... READ MORE

I have OPMD and have developed very dry eyes and severe light sensitivity. Would surgery negatively affect me? (photo)

I was to see the only ocuplastic surgeon in our region & he won't do the eyelid surgery he believes it will aggravate both issues but he also... READ MORE

Can I get a Lower Blepharoplasty without epinephrine?

I am 35 years old and I am in desperate want of a lower blepharoplasty. My problem is I am highly sensitive to epinephrine. Is it at all possible to... READ MORE

Follow up - I'm 4.5 months post op and my under eye area has become hollow. What can I do about it? (Photo)

Upper and lower bleph 4.5 months ago, I've noticed my under eye area has become sunken/ hollow. Causes a shadow under my eyes and makes me look tired.... READ MORE

Puffy lower lids after Transcutaneous Blepharoplasty?

I had an upper and (transcutaneous) lower blepharoplasty and fat re-draping. My lower lids, after one month are puffy and, on one eye, a bit sensitive... READ MORE

Is there any correction surgical or otherwise for aniscoria?

About 7 years ago a large rock flung at my eye and damaged my iris. Since my pupils have not dilated the same and are always uneven. Sometimes this... READ MORE

I Am Miserable Since Upper and Lower Lid Surgery. What Do I Do?

I am 4 months post op. My eyes are watering constantly. They are light sensitive, I have constant discomfort. I am being treated with eye plugs,... READ MORE

Not a great photo, but you can see how unsymmetrical my eyes are. (photo)

I have fibrous dysplasia of the lesser spheroid wing, which has resulted in my left eye protruding 6mm. I cant wear eye make up to disguise as my left... READ MORE

Best way to cure Milia in Tear Trough, medicinally or surgically? (photo)

Ever since i had a botched attempt at injecting my tear trough with restylane my overall eye got worse, darker and developed MILIA. So i was wondering... READ MORE

My daughter had ptosis surgery 1 year ago and eyes are still sensitive when she wakes up. Any suggestions?

I asked her surgeon and he wants to do surgery to see why i dont want surgury again.throughout day it gets better. Is it becuase we dont put enough... READ MORE

My eyes are two different shapes and sizes. Any suggestions? (photos)

When I was younger I would always squeeze shut my right eye because it's very sensitive to light. I still do to this day. I'm thinking this might have... READ MORE

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