Sedation + Eyelid Surgery

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Upper Lid Blepharoplasty: Is Local Anesthesia with Oral Sedation Effective for a Positive Outcome, Safety and Comfort?

I will be only using the money insurance will give me for the upper eyelid surgery mainly involving skin removal. I prefer to keep the fat and muscle... READ MORE

General anesthesia for blepharoplasty?

The surgeon I'm thinking of going to wants to use general anesthesia and I am not really comfortable with that. I have never been in the hospital... READ MORE

Do facelift or eye lift patients sedated only with oral medication and local anesthetic EVER feel pain during the surgery?

Are patients who are sedated As Described Above unable to feel any PAIN during the procedure and what if, after chosing this method of anesthesia, the... READ MORE

I Am Having Upper Eye Lift Surgery and Lip Augmentation Using Juvederm in 2 Weeks. Is Oral Sedation Enough?

I am having upper eye lift surgery as well lip augmentation using juvederm in 2 weeks and was wondering if oral sedation would be enough? Will I feel... READ MORE

What are pros and cons re blepharoplasty on using a scalpel vs laser? (Photo)

I'm 68 and have droopy lids. Likely best to do both upper and lower although I do not have much bags on lower. Is sedation best for surgery when doing... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon to administer propofol vs. anesthesiologists? part 2

Yesterday I had asked a question regarding a Board Certified PS to administer "light sedation" vs an anesthesiologist however, I was not clear in my... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon to administer light sedation vs anesthesiologist?

After consulting with a "top", well known NY plastic surgeon for upper eye lids, I was surprised to hear he would be administering the light sedation... READ MORE

Very Nervous About Getting Upper Eyelid Bleph, is There Any Doctors in Maine or New Brunswick That Will Do an IV Type Sedation?

Trying to find someone somewhat near the border if possible who does the IV type sedation and wondering what the approx cost would be? got wisdowm... READ MORE

I have slight ptosis on both eyes. Can ptosis repair be done under sedation?

I was told by one surgeon, he can only do ptosis repair while I am awake, and otherwise my eyes may not be symmetrical after the surgery. He said he... READ MORE

I'm considering an eyelift and have found two doctors that have excellent credentials. Who should I choose?

One would use a local with iv sedation, the other would use general anesthesia. I am 65, no obvious health problems, which would be preferable. READ MORE

Why did I feel surgical pain during my transconjuctival eye surgery while under conscious sedation?

My friend and I just had transconjuctival blepharplasty with a lateral pinch from the same plastic surgeon . We had what is called conscious sedation.... READ MORE

Confused about anesthesia, sedation sleep.

I'm looking into getting a i'm looking into getting a lower Bleph and I'm still alittle confused about what the surgeons use to put people to sleep. I... READ MORE

I plan to undergo upper & lower blepharoplasty next week. Is bradycardia a reason NOT to have surgery?

My pre-op evaluation EKG showed bradycardia -resting heart rate=45. Which anesthesia is preferred - general anesthesia or IV sedation - for a... READ MORE

Ptosis result of upper blepharoplasty nearly 5 mos. ago. Now want correction. Surgeons here use only local, I want IV. (photo)

Will using IV light sedation yield a greater chance for error or less symmetry? Supposed ptosis correction specialist here in Warsaw, Poland seemed... READ MORE

I am interested in having my baggy eyelids reduced.

Can eyelid reduction be done under sedation/local anaesthetic rather than general ? READ MORE

Lower eyelid transconjuctival with release of the ligament - local anesthesia or sedation?

So, I decided to have my eyebags removed (transconjuctival with release of the legamint). I'm 30 years old and my surgery is next Tuesday! I'm... READ MORE

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