Second Round + Eyelid Surgery

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Should I Have a Third Ptosis Surgery? (photo)

I have unilateral, congenital ptosis of the right lid. I had two surgeries on the levator muscle at 3 and 25. Each surgery was initially successful,... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery: Abnormal Swelling 1 Year After Revision? (photo)

I've had two double eyelid surgeries. The second was to "correct" the first, for a slightly larger lid. It's been a year since the second surgery and... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon or oculoplastic for blepharoplasty revision?

I had an upper/lower bleph a year ago. Too much skin was left @the inner corners of my upper lids; they're wrinkled/crepey. I also have asymmetrical... READ MORE

3rd Time Ptosis Repair if There is Any Peeking of my Eye Lid or the Contour is Destroyed? (photo)

3RD time for revision of Tarso frontal Sling for marcus gunn jaw winking ptosis after it snapped, 1st SURGERY DEC 5th , 3rd surgery 6 days ago [pics... READ MORE

Risks Second Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I had upper eyelid surgery 2 years ago at age 23. I was never 100% happy but decided to wait since I heard it can take up to one year for everything... READ MORE

Second Surgery to Revise Lower Eye Blepharoplasty Scar? (photo)

I have genetic under eye puffiness. I underwent lower eye Blepharoplasty at 20. It left a dark pigmented scar under one eye.I am getting married in 3... READ MORE

Is a Third Round of Ptosis Surgery Going to Be Necessary? (photo)

It is 3 weeks since my second round of ptosis correction surgery on my right eye (mirrored images). My condition appeared 3 years go. The first... READ MORE

Waterline Turned Upward Correction and is Non-incisional Eye Surgery a Second Time Risky?

I had non-incisional eyelid surgery 5 years ago (age 20). A week or two after the surgery, when it was swollen, I iced my eyelids, and open them wide... READ MORE

Dst Method. After Second Round, Eyelids Uneven?

Hi. I did dst method twice. The first time was a parallel crease but it wasn't what I wanted. The second time is a semilunar one. So th latest crease... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty - Lower Lids? (photo)

56 year old woman. Blepharoplasty done on upper & lower lids in 1996. Considering getting both my upper & lower lids done again. Consulted... READ MORE

I Had a 2nd Upper Blepharoplasty on my Left Eye? (photo)

A year ago I had to under go a 2nd upper blepharoplasty on my left eye because of a large wrinkle/crease left from the first surgery just 2 months... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Problem?

I had two eyelid surgeries but both failed(both eyelids are not symmetrical),doctor removed too much skin from eyelid during my second eyelid surgery... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have the 3rd Surgery on the Same Eye?

Lefteyelid cover my eye & r eye is normal/big. had surgery to left crease & take some skin on right eye cuz dr said its droopy. After surgery... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Be Done More Than One Time?

I did eyelid lift but one of my eye still look bad and my Dr said we can do it again after 3 month Can I do the same syergery again READ MORE

Ptosis - Planned Third Surgery?

I have done ptosis surgery for the first time with a sling on left, and had to take it out because of an infections. the second time i had a graft... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Options - Lower Lids? (photo)

56 year old woman. Blepharoplasty done on upper & lower lids in 1996. Considering getting both my upper & lower lids done again. Consulted... READ MORE

Having to pay out of pocket for a second procedure?

I had a transconj bleph a few months ago and had my final follow up today. Right away I was not happy with the results. Surgeon knows I am not seeing... READ MORE

Second Upper Blepharo to Achieve Wider Crease?

I had an upper bleph done in March of 2011 but my eyelids have begun to droop significantly again.The surgeon did not take into account the stretching... READ MORE

Second Time Doing a Double Eye Lid Surgery. This Time It is Non Incisional One. Should I Be Worried?

Iit has been 5 months since i had my double eye lid surgery.At first i was pretty satisfied with the results, but i guess i hurried up with it. After... READ MORE

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