Sagging + Eyelid Surgery

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Browlift Vs Blepharoplasty - Which is Best for Sagging Eyelids?

Is a brow lift (forehead lift) better to raise sagging eyelids than a blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis or Extra Skin?

I am going to see an eye surgeon in two weeks but I wanted to have an idea what to ask before I go. I am 26, I was told by my mother that my right... READ MORE

Visible Scars from Lower Blepharoplasty?

I'm considering various procedures to eliminate thin, sagging skin that I'm starting to under my eyes. I had heard that lower blepharoplasty left no... READ MORE

Pouches in the corner of the upper eye lid. Treatment options? (Photo)

I have visible pouches in the corners of my eyes for the last two years. My eye lids are heavy as well but the pouches are especially noticeable. I am... READ MORE

Sagging Eyelid Skin (Age 26)

Hi, I'm Only 26 but Have Sagging Eyelid Skin. How Would I Restore It to Its Original Form? Through college, I developed this bad habit of... READ MORE

Canthopexy After Blepharoplasty?

Can a canthopexy be performed after a few weeks of Blepharoplasty to correct mild lower eyelid ectropion? READ MORE

Alternative to Blepharoplasty for Heavy Eyelids?

Both my father and grandmother have this problem as well. I am only 33 years old and am not ready to go 'under the knife.' Is there an alternative... READ MORE

How Can Eyelid Surgery Fix Asymmetrical Eyelids?

I am 26 and have had a 'droopy' eyelid since I was born (congential ptosis?). The issue is odd however, the eye only really sags when I am overly... READ MORE

Is an Opthamologist Qualified to Perform the Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I have had the vision test indicating that my vision is greatly impaired by drooping, sagging eyelids. The opthamologist who did the test assured me... READ MORE

Aging Eyes - I'm Only 27!

My eyes were my best feature - open, almond shaped and symmetrical. Now (in last 18 months) one eye looks more 'open' than the other i.e. skin seems... READ MORE

Procedure for Drooping Eye Corners?

My eyes droop downwards at the corners just above the cheek and you can see right into the red stuff that surrounds the eyes (usually hidden). Is... READ MORE

When Eyelashes Are Being Pushed Downward, is Eyelid Surgery Medically Necessary?

What are the most common scenarios for eyelid surgery to be deemed medically necessary? READ MORE

Enophthalmos And/or Hypoglobus After Orbital Floor Fracture? (photo)

I am concerned that my eye is displaced after an orbital floor fracture. I had surgery 5+ weeks ago to repair the orbital floor and zygoma. It appears... READ MORE

Help for Saggy Eyelids and Under Eye Wrinkles? Will a Liquid Eyelift Help or Do I Need More? (photo)

Hi there! I am 42 years old. I have had some mild sagging of the upper eyelid for a few years now and recently I have been noticing alot of... READ MORE

Options for Lower Eyelids Hanging Too Low?

My lower eyelids hang too low showing the white of my eyes way below the coloured iris. This is not normal. My eyes get sore and red a lot and I have... READ MORE

Procedure to Repair Congenital Eye Ptosis for a Child?

My 2 year old daughter has a severe congenital ptosis in her left eye. She was operated when she was two weeks old because the lid was completly... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptsosis or Extra Skin Layer?

Hi I'm 19 years old and while my eyes have never been perfectly symmetrical I've noticed the severity in the offending eye becoming increasing... READ MORE

Hollowing After Blepharoplasty

It will be 3 weeks this Friday since I had lower Blepharoplasty. I'm getting really nervous. As the swelling goes down it looks as though there may... READ MORE

Any Help for my Eyes, Always Look Tired/older? (photo)

Hello there, i was wondering if there are any suggestions of what i can get done for my undereye area. restalyne or blephoplasty? The skin is starting... READ MORE

Best Way to Add Fat After Aggressive Lower Blepharoplasty?

What's the best way to add fat back into eyelid area after lower Blepharoplasty, for a smooth or blended look into the cheek area and lower eyelids?... READ MORE

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