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Syringoma or Milia?

I have white bumps under my eyes and after a long research I have found out that it could either Milia or Syringoma. The problem is I have no idea... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of I -Brite, an Eye Whitening Procedure? Is It Safe?

A Dr in La peels the conjunctive off the eye, and it grows back within the day. Veins and spots are history. Has anyone heard of it? Are any other drs... READ MORE

Safe to Undergo Ptosis Surgery in India?

I have not heard of many instances of Ptosis Surgery being performed in India. Though there are big hospitals here, is it safe to undergo operation .... READ MORE

Will Blepharoplasty Affect my Previous Lasik Surgery?

I just have my Lasik done in Jan 09, currently planning for the upper blepharoplasty in May 09? It is around 4 months interval. What are the risks... READ MORE

Will I Gain Efficiency if I Get Both Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty at the Same Time?

I'm Asian American and have always wanted rhinoplasty to change the shape of my nose. I want a narrower and less bulbous tip. I also have some fat... READ MORE

How Many Ptosis Surgeries Can 1 Eyelid Safely Handle?

I have had 3 but my surgeon bungled all of them. 2 were one week apart last year and he says they rather count as 1. I am considering one final... READ MORE

I want to know about the Ping Eyelid lift

Has anyone heard of this treatment Ping eyelid lift or these doctors or clinic. Will this work, is it safe? READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty: 3 Questions About Eye Protectors/Shields During the Operation

1) Do eye protectors have to be used during the upper blepharoplasty operation? (mainly skin will be removed/paid by insurance) 2) If so, will they be... READ MORE

Is Blepharoplasty Safe w/ Herpes Simplex?

Want to undergo lower lid blepharoplasty . i suffer from recurrent herpes simplex , is it safe to undergo surgery . will stitch line develop herpes... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes, Fat Transfer or Vampire Facelift or Lower Eyelid Lift? Which is the Safest and Long Lasting ? I'm Only 24 Years Old

I have sunken eyes. I rarely look at the miror because I hate how I look , This is not something that I can accept. I stay at home most the time... READ MORE

Removing tapes after eyelid surgery: Can it be removed after 4 days?

I understand I have to wait for 7 days to take sutures out but could I take tape off on eyelids surgery after 4 days? Tape was put on tight that it... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty with Redness on the Eyelids?

Fraxel restore that i did over 6 months ago left me with (vascular) redness on my eyelids (i know quite strange). The post laser erythema just... READ MORE

How long should I stay away from drinking and smoking after blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery)?

I'm not a heavy drinker (I drink exclusively at social gatherings) and I rarely smoke, maybe one cigarette a month. However, I was just curious as to... READ MORE

Safe to Have Eyelid Lift 3 Weeks After Botox?

I had botox done three weeks ago, is it safe to have eyelid lift? READ MORE

Eyelid tape safe?

Hello, I am using eyelid tape on one eye as a temporary solution to a forehead botox problem. Can usage if the tape cause a loss of elasticity of the... READ MORE

Is It Safe for an Expectant Mother (3 Months) to Have Eye Skin Tightening?

I have had skin tightening around my eyes for a few months, but have not been for around 3 months. will this effect the fetus in anyway? thank you. READ MORE

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