Reshape + Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Possible to Alter Eye Shape by Making Them Appear Smaller?

I have big doe-eyes which look fine on women and children, but not as a guy. I was wondering if there is any way to raise the lower eyelids so that... READ MORE

Ways to Improve Hollow, Round Eyes?

I am 20 and have always been insecure about my eyes, as they often give a "shadowed" appearance in photos and look lost in my face. I also... READ MORE

Surgery For My Asymmetrical Eyes?

Looking at my photos, eyeA is not symmetrical with eyeB & it really affects my appearance when you see my face as a whole. I believe its the... READ MORE

Changing Eye Shape?

Is it possible? What I really want is to look like Audrey Hepburn, but I look nothing like her- especially the shape of my eyes. If you can do this,... READ MORE

Will A Lateral Canthopexy Correct an Anti Mongoloid Downward Slant. Or is a Lateral Canthoplasty Needed Instead? (photo)

Also can a lateral canthopexy alone reshape the eye to a slightly more almond shape? PS did a lateral canthopexy and my eyes look exactly as... READ MORE

I Want to Reshape my Eyes Whatare my Options?

I have small almond shaped eyes, and tbey dont have a lot of fat but there is some excess Skin id like to get ride of i am an 18 year old female. READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Or, Preferably, Non-surgical Way to Get Eyes More Cat-like?

More cat-like, exotic. Is there an injectable for this or even a surgery? READ MORE

Are my eyelid reshaping goals possible/realistic? (Photos)

I'm willing to make my eyes longer. In the photo that I've provided the change might look too extreme but I just want to know if such a thing is... READ MORE

Inferior oblique corner of eye cut for lower lid fat pad removal. (photo)

I don't understand why this was cut. I thought this was cut to reshape lower lid. I thought lower lid would have one small cut on the inside to deal w... READ MORE

After going for a surgery for eye reshaping & eye enlargement. What time does it take for it get healed?

Please I don't know why I have small eye they both look like a Chinese eyes but am not an please I need help I want my eyes to be bigger READ MORE

Is it possible to drastically alter the shape of the inner corners of the eyes? (Photos)

I have just a standard inner corner like the first picture, but I would like my inner corner to kind of point downwards like the second picture. I've... READ MORE

Procedure to stretch/tighten/reshape lower eyelid shape? (photos)

Hello my eyes are really round and angry looking at times . When i put one finger at outercorner of eye and pull, it improves everything , improves my... READ MORE

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