Reshape + Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Possible to Alter Eye Shape by Making Them Appear Smaller?

I have big doe-eyes which look fine on women and children, but not as a guy. I was wondering if there is any way to raise the lower eyelids so that... READ MORE

Ways to Improve Hollow, Round Eyes?

I am 20 and have always been insecure about my eyes, as they often give a "shadowed" appearance in photos and look lost in my face. I also... READ MORE

Changing Eye Shape?

Is it possible? What I really want is to look like Audrey Hepburn, but I look nothing like her- especially the shape of my eyes. If you can do this,... READ MORE

Surgery For My Asymmetrical Eyes?

Looking at my photos, eyeA is not symmetrical with eyeB & it really affects my appearance when you see my face as a whole. I believe its the... READ MORE

Will A Lateral Canthopexy Correct an Anti Mongoloid Downward Slant. Or is a Lateral Canthoplasty Needed Instead? (photo)

Also can a lateral canthopexy alone reshape the eye to a slightly more almond shape? PS did a lateral canthopexy and my eyes look exactly as... READ MORE

I Want to Reshape my Eyes Whatare my Options?

I have small almond shaped eyes, and tbey dont have a lot of fat but there is some excess Skin id like to get ride of i am an 18 year old female. READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Or, Preferably, Non-surgical Way to Get Eyes More Cat-like?

More cat-like, exotic. Is there an injectable for this or even a surgery? READ MORE

Are my eyelid reshaping goals possible/realistic? (Photos)

I'm willing to make my eyes longer. In the photo that I've provided the change might look too extreme but I just want to know if such a thing is... READ MORE

Upper brow bone; I want to reshape my upper orbit. What do I do? (Photos)

I don't think I've been clear enough about asking my previous questions. I'm wondering if it's possible to shave the upper brow bone orbit, like round... READ MORE

Inferior oblique corner of eye cut for lower lid fat pad removal. (photo)

I don't understand why this was cut. I thought this was cut to reshape lower lid. I thought lower lid would have one small cut on the inside to deal w... READ MORE

Can I reshape my eyes like this? (Photo)

Can i reshape my eyes like this? i dont like how widely open my eyes are READ MORE

After going for a surgery for eye reshaping & eye enlargement. What time does it take for it get healed?

Please I don't know why I have small eye they both look like a Chinese eyes but am not an please I need help I want my eyes to be bigger READ MORE

Is it possible to drastically alter the shape of the inner corners of the eyes? (Photos)

I have just a standard inner corner like the first picture, but I would like my inner corner to kind of point downwards like the second picture. I've... READ MORE

Procedure to stretch/tighten/reshape lower eyelid shape? (photos)

Hello my eyes are really round and angry looking at times . When i put one finger at outercorner of eye and pull, it improves everything , improves my... READ MORE

I'm a young woman looking to tighten the skin beneath my eyes and reshape my eyes? (Photo)

I'm 18, and have droopy eyes and genetic undereye bags that worsen due to my allergies. I hate the shape of my eyes, and the constant deep bags... READ MORE

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