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At What Point Does Insurance Generally Pay for Eyelid Ptosis Repair?

My lid just keeps on drooping. Already did standard upper and lower bleph surgery (w/ Kaiser), which helped for a couple of years. There is a clear... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair - Over Corrected?

Hello. I am a female in early 50's and had right eye ptosis repair a week ago(no blepharoplasty). The eyelid is still swollen and reddened which... READ MORE

Best Specialist for Ptosis Repair?

Hi doctors. I suspect I have a ptosis because I find my eyelids constantly straining to stay open (similar to constant stretching of a muscle) and... READ MORE

Is Skin Removed During Ptosis Repair?

In a levator approach/resection (ptosis repairs) is any skin removed? or none at all READ MORE

How Can I Correct a Bad Ptosis Repair?

Hi, I am an Asian, age 32. My ptosis repair is really bad, I became worst from my last procedure. Any comments, what might have gone wrong and do i... READ MORE

Late Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture, Is it Safe to Surgically Repair 6 Months Later?

Had orbital floor fracture in Aug 2011 with a soft tissue entrapment/ diplopia in extreme upper gaze and was not surgically repaired. Two months after... READ MORE

Muscle Damage Due to Blepharoplasty - Can It Be Repaired?

I have a permanent frowning after upper and lower blepharoplasty 11 months ago. I am very concerned about muscle damage. How can this be repaired? I... READ MORE

How Long for a Repaired Severed Levator Muscle to Open the Eyelid?

14 month old granddaughter was attacked by dog. Her levator muscle in right eye was severed but repaired. How long before we know if her eye will open? READ MORE

Method of Ptosis Repair - Connecting to Eyebrow?

In a ptosis correction, can the levator eyelid muscle be attached to the eyebrow muscle? which eyebrow muscle is connected to the levator? (such as... READ MORE

Enophthalmos 2 yrs after orbital blowout repair of right eye due to blunt eye trauma. Can it be improved? (photos)

I have 1-2mm of enophthalmos (guessing). I have diplopia in upward gaze and outward gaze starting around 20 degrees. My eyelid is droopy now and is... READ MORE

Can Ptosis Repair Turn into Dermatochalasis Problem?

Hi Doctors My left eye Ptosis(2mm) Surgery occured 3 moths ago with levator resection But since then what i have noticed that the height of the eyelid... READ MORE

Eyelid Weakness After Ptosis Repair?

Should I expect some temporary eyelid weakness after ptosis repair? Should I expect to "feel" that my eyelid muscle is stronger after... READ MORE

What is the Treament for Damaged Motor Nerve Fibers Post Eyelid Surgery?

I had eyelid surgery six years ago and was left with damage to the motor nerve fibers. Is there a treatment for this condition and if so how would it... READ MORE

Combining Ptosis Repair w/ Other Procedures?

I Am Having Prosis Repair Soon. What Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Done at the Same Time? READ MORE

What Specialist Should I See About Ptosis Ache?

I had ptosis repair one eye more than year ago [still had a minor 1mm ptosis after that], about a month after that been having a dull ache whenever... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Transcon Lower Lid Blepharoplasty Performed on Only One Eye Due to Orbital Trauma?

I am 30 y.o. & was hit in the eye (with strong impact) by my baby about six months ago. Since the incident the eyelid looks like it has aged... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my upper-eyelid blepharoptosis repair? (photos)

I had mild congenital ptosis in my right eye, which was considerably worsened when I was 8 and fell while ice-skating. Recently I believe my ptosis is... READ MORE

Ptosis After Orbital Repair Surgery?

Hi, My son went thru a surgery 2 months ago to repair his right orbital floor with an implant. His eye now has vertical and lateral ptosis on that... READ MORE

Is ear cartilage okay to use as lower eyelid spacer?

I am scheduled for a 2nd "repair" surgery to lengthen short lateral canthus, improve scleral overshow, and fix mild ectropion caused by 1st "repair"... READ MORE

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