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Can Uneven Eyes Caused by Canthopexy Be Corrected?

Can reconstructive surgery fix uneveness and upward slanted eyes? My girlfriend had blepharoplasty and canthopexy performed 4 weeks ago.... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Sagging After Zygomatic Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

5 weeks ago I underwent reconstructive surgery for repairing my zygoma (cheek) and blow-out orbital floor fracture. My surgeon used a... READ MORE

Deep indentation scar 4 weeks after lower blepharoplasty. Will time heal or reconstructive surgery necessary? (Photo)

My right lower eyelid healed well and I only see little discoloration on the scar, but the left eye has a deep indented scar. Right after surgery I... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op Orbit Reconstruction? (photo)

I had an orbit reconstruction surgery two weeks ago to address medial and orbital floor fractures. The swelling is slowly going down. I would like to... READ MORE

Why will my lower eyelid not move (appears stuck) after facial reconstruct, including orbital floor repair fracture? (Photo)

Involved in an MVA 6 months ago, requiring a 9 hour facial reconstruction due to multiple facial fractures. Most of the trauma was to the left side of... READ MORE

Medial half of lower eyelid lost. Could I have it reconstructed? (Photo)

I had an accident which resulted in zygomatic bone fracture and total medial lower lid loss as you can see in pics.The zygomatic fracture was fixed... READ MORE

Can my face ever be fixed? Looking at needing a 3rd reconstructive surgery and very scared. (photos)

I'm 31 and in perfect health, but sustained a substantial injury to my face from an LPN who didn't know how to administer Botox. I've suffered... READ MORE

Can Reconstructive Surgery Make my Distorted Upper Eyelid Look Better?

In an accident,about 8 years back, I injured my right eye so badly that I had to undergo grafting and another procedure but still it doesn't look... READ MORE

Botched blepharoplasty reconstruction needed. (photos)

The eye length is shorter and pulled down on the top. I'm just so disgusted with how they look. What needs to be done to get them back to normal.... READ MORE

I had bellspalsy about 21 years ago. I never completely regained my smile. Would reconstruction surgery help me? (photo)

My pictures are of my eyes also closes when I smile...this has really affected my self esteem for the past two decades..if surgery... READ MORE

After laceration to eyelid & area, sutures were completed by ER. Do I plan for reconstruction now or wait to see how it heals?

Am middle aged fell, lacerated eyelid, to above the eyebrow. ER sutured 10-12 stitches cut vertically, skin scraped horizontally. Can surgery be done... READ MORE

What is the earliest eyelid reconstructive surgery can be performed? 6 months is best, but can it be done after 3? (photo)

From the responses I have received on this site, it appears I may have severely compromised eyes after lower bleth. If the retraction pulls down to... READ MORE

I'm looking for the best, most qualified doctor for eyelid reconstruction, trauma-related specialist. Can you refer me? (Photos)

I've undergone a traumatic accident at a young age. A dog bite to the right upper eyelid, and have received plastic/reconstruction surgery immediately... READ MORE

Reconstructive eyelid after accident 5 years ago; what do I do? (Photos)

I met with and accident 5 year ago and my half of the eyelid was vanished skin grafting has been performed by removing skin behind of my left ears and... READ MORE

Can you get Fraxel laser treatment after a orbital rim implant and skin graft? (photos)

I had a lower blepharoplasty that had to have a reconstruction. The reconstruction consisted of a skin graft and orbital rim implant. My skin has... READ MORE

What options of reconstructive surgery do I have if too much skin was removed?

I had a blephoplasty 2 months ago, my left eye feels great, but my right looks smaller, feels dry, red, irritated and still feels tight. In addition... READ MORE

Healing after hard palate graft surgery. Any suggestions?

My surgeon (certified oculoplastic surgeon) suggested to do a hard palate graft surgery, because i suffer from earlier bleph. My lower eyelids are... READ MORE

Any suggestions for upper eyelid contour irregularity? (photos)

I had stye surgery in my left upper eyelid . The doctor has removed fat of the orbit due to which my eye has become small and sunken . Can we inject... READ MORE

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