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DST Double Eyelid Suture Bump and Itchiness. Do I Need Stitches Out or Ointment? (photo)

I have just done a DST double eyelid surgery last week. my left eye crease is fine but on my right, there is a raised bump that is sometimes itchy, do... READ MORE

White Raised Eyelash Line 9 Months After Upper Blepharoplasty

I had an upper bleph 9 months ago for ptosis repair. I am happy with the slight asymetry etc...I look better than I was. I have a thin white raised... READ MORE

Raised Scar 2 Weeks After Lower Eyelid Surgery

About two and a half weeks ago, I had a lower bleth. done. The subcutaneous, self dissolving stitches have caused the skin around my eyes to buckle.... READ MORE

I had epicanthoplasty on Sep 4th,2013. Scars are raised and red, what should I do? (photo)

My friend has a much better result but I'm growing a raised scar.The scar on the corner of my eyes are less noticeable but I can see a raised line on... READ MORE

16 days post op, I have a pointy bump like pimple. Is this normal? (photos)

16 day after upper and lower bleph, my surgeon told me to massage the scar , there is like a raised muscle along the incision and when I press a... READ MORE

Raised bumpy scar on crease after upper eyelid surgery. Is it time for some steroid injections? (Photo)

I had a upper eyelid surgery 10weeks ago and realised my crease developed a raised scar about week 5. I have been using dermatix but only see minimal... READ MORE

Anyone Have Suggestions What the Bubble Like Formation Is? Could This Be a Keloid? (photo)

7 weeks ago i had upper eyelid surgery . On one of my eyes a raised bubble like formation appeared right above my incision and at the very end of last... READ MORE

Raised/Visible surgery scar - 7 weeks post-op: Will massage, silicone gel/sheets or compression tape help the healing? (Photo)

I had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) 7 weeks ago and am worried that I may have a permanent hypertrophic scar on one eyelid! It's raised above the... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for upper and lower eyelid surgery? (photos)

Am I a candidate for upper and lower eyelid surgery? I feel like j have to keep my eyes brows raised all day so I don't look miserable and my eyes... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty 2 weeks ago. I need revision - incision too low, raised big scars, bags. How soon can I get revision? (Photos)

How soon can I get a revision? - I feel so awful about these results. Will someone be willing to revise another surgeon's work? Is it best to look for... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty - The incisions are not in the fold. (photo)

They are across the middle of the eyelid and some are at the corners of the eyelash line. I don't understand this since everything I read said it... READ MORE

What's wrong with my eyes? (photos)

I have noticed that my pictures always look like my eyes are different than others. First I thought one was more raised then the other, then I thought... READ MORE

Upper and lower blepharoplasty red, raised bumps along suture line normal?

Today is day 6 after upper and lower bleph surgery. As the over all swelling has lessened, these red, raised bumps have increased. They are sore to... READ MORE

Should I have my eyelid raised a bit more and risk having a little bit of lagophthalmos? (photos)

I'm a 20 year old male born with congenital ptosis in my left eye and recently had surgery on 9/11/2013. Although my lid is at a higher position than... READ MORE

I have bumps on side of eyes after Canthoplexy, and Raised, Red and Bumpy scars two weeks after surgery. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had an Upper & Lower Blepharo + fat transfer & c02 laser in lower eyelid. 2 weeks later and the bumps on the side of the eyes are getting bigger... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Post Op 1 Month - puckering and isolated raised area. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had the procedure reversed 2 weeks in due to personal regret. My right eyelid skin is basically smooth and flat, but in regards to my left eye, the... READ MORE

Bad incision, not in crease - still have raised scar - Very obvious - 6 weeks post-op - What now? (Photo)

I still have a raised scar on my incision line that's not in the crease where it should be! I'm 6 wks. post-op and know I'm still healing BUT does... READ MORE

Do I have a hypertrophic scar? I'm 6 weeks post-op from upper blepharoplasty and still have a thick, raised scar! (Photo)

Does it look like I have a hyertrophic scar from a professional standpoint? What can I do to reduce the scar tissue that's so visible? I have an... READ MORE

Any way to make eyes more "squinty"?

I become much more attractive when I squint my eyes by raising my lower eyelid and lowering the top eyelid a bit. I try to permanently do it but it is... READ MORE

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