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My Eyes Are Very Different Sizes and Shapes, Also I Can't Help Raising my Eyebrows? (photo)

I don't really know why this has happened I only recently(the past year) have noticed this because of my increase of social media sites. But wether I... READ MORE

Eye Cosmetic Surgeons--How Can I Achieve Almond Shaped, Exotic Eyes? Aesthetic Not Functional Reasons. (photo)

Hello everyone, I've never had a facial procedure and do not suffer from any serious abnormalities that I'm aware of, however I desire a more almond... READ MORE

Can the Creases Be Revised (Raised) After Upper Bleph?

Hello, 30 y/F, full of regret after bilateral upper bleph (3mm skin removed) & left eye ptosis repair. Ptosis repair is fine. Upper bleph has left... READ MORE

My Dr told me that I have NO MUSCLES in my eyelid & I have congenital ptosis. Is there any surgery that can open them up?(photo)

I recently got a frontalis sling. I thought that would help open my eyes, but it didn't. I can only open them when I raise my eyebrows. But my doctor... READ MORE

I had upper bleph about a yr ago. My skin has a weird fold. What is this? How can it be fixed or better to leave alone? (photo)

The surgeon did not take enough skin off the top of my lid and he extended the scars as far out as my eyebrow, not in the preferred crows feet area.... READ MORE

Hooded Eyes at 30! Lasers, Botox, Lift, or...? (photos)

My eyes have been Hooded all my life, but my vision is starting to 'see' my lashes and headaches are happening. When I raise up my brow, my eyes are... READ MORE

Disappointing results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had both blephs done in June. I can see very little difference, I still have hooding and a ouffiness and surplus skin above and below, also I now... READ MORE

Is it possible to raise the medial canthus?

Hi, I have a really low medial canthus, and I'd like to raise it, what are the possible procedure? than you READ MORE

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 13 days ago. My eyes are not the same size. Any suggestions?

Swelling is down considerably and my scars for the most part are healing well. My right eye appears smaller than my left and when i raise my eyebrows... READ MORE

Hooded eyes and heavy brows at 23. Options to get rid of excess skin and raise brows? (photos)

Do I have enough forehead? I was born with hooded eyes and brows that sit low on my face, I know it'll only get worse with age. I've seen... READ MORE

Is it common to raise the crease in eyelid surgery?

I consulted with a very well known eyelid surgeon in Chicago but have also had several other consults. I was told he would make the crease a couple of... READ MORE

How can I raise my lower eyelids to make my eyes look more almond and not round? (Photo)

My bottom eye lids look like they're drooping how can I make them look more straight and not round? I put a pic of what I want my bottom lids to look... READ MORE

Can upper eyelid blepharoplasty cause tightness and raise the eyebrows? (photos)

I was diagnosed with ptosis in the right eye and had blepharoplasty surgery in March. It is now 5 months post surgery and the tightness in my eye... READ MORE

Any chance insurance would cover eyelid surgery ? Should I book medical or cosmetic consultation? (photo)

I've had this asymmetry for yrs; recently feels worse. Often catch myself raising brows to compensate & have headaches/sore forehead. When I pull... READ MORE

I got Eyelid surgery Feb 27th - still droopy. (photos)

I don't feel he took out enough skin as they still have droopy skin in corners and they feel so tight when I raise my brow. I guess I need a brow lift... READ MORE

Want to get rid of epicanthal folds, desperately need experienced doctors advice. (photos)

I have some epicanthal folds that make my eyes look small and ugly. So I want to entirely get rid of the folds. Though I am not ready to accepts the... READ MORE

18 days post op, can you tell if the eyebrow area will be less puffy? (photos)

Hi can u tell if the eyebrow area will be less puffy im 18 day post upper bleph and feel like i have a shelf and have to raise my brows to see stitch... READ MORE

I look funny with my eyes. I can raise my ears and eyebrows up at the same time and look completely different. (photo)

How can I fix my eyes or are my eyes the problem ? Will losing weight help even though I'm not that fat a bit overweight but nothing crazy. READ MORE

Have I got extremely fatty eyelids? (Photo)

It's not too noticeable if i raise my eyebrows slightly and from a straight on view, but you can really tell when you look at my face from the side... READ MORE

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